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Recruitment Project

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The main aim of any organisation is to make a profit or to achieve certain business objectives and to do this the business needs a special set of persons to advise them on how they go about achieving this objective. This department in question is the Human Resource Department that specializes in staffing among many other activities such as training, performance appraisal and selecting job candidates.

Once the organisation has identified their mission, goals and objectives the Human Resource Management Department (HRM) can now develop an organisation strategy that is aligned to the organisation goal. The Recruitment Plan for Operations Manager at Jamaica Public Service Limited When the need arises for a new job within the organisation or the replacement of a job there are certain procedures that the company has to go through to fill such a position or to replace it. Recruitment is the process of pooling the qualified applicants whether internal or external for a vacant position.

1 When planning to recruit there are several issues such as the organisational or administrative issue that has to be considered. A requisition, which is a formal document that authorizes the filling of a job opening indicated by the signatures of top management, should be present to confirm the need for employment. This is the first thing that needs to be done before the recruitment process can begin; the manager has to inform the HR department of this vacant position.

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Based on the vacant position the HR department should develop a strategy which will state the method of how they are going to recruit whether internal or external, the system under which they will recruit the method of how they will source the applicants and how they will communicate this message to them. The method we recommend to recruit for the position of Operation Managers is Internal Recruitment as it is easier to pool candidates who are already members of the firm. Managers will know exactly where to go in order to acquire candidates within a short period, since the files of employees are readily available for review.

This will eliminate the need for external advertisement that may take a long time and may pool persons who are not necessarily qualified for the position. This is beneficial to the firm as it is less costly to pool them and they may have a better understanding of the organisational culture which means that they would not need as much training as the new employees. The position of Operations Manager calls for an in depth knowledge of the tasks related to power station generation and a background of how it is done at JPS.

Filling this vacancy externally will definitely be costly because of the different methods that will have to be used to obtain qualified persons. Using an external method may also lead to the selection of candidates who are not accustomed to the way power station generation is done at JPS, leading to the need for extensive training which can be expensive. Persons who are already in the organisation will have some level of appreciation of what the target position requires in terms of the tasks that are to be done, since they have been carrying out similar activities throughout their employment period with the organisation.

There are several types of method under the internal recruitment process, these are closed, open and targeted internal recruitment system. The most appropriate method for the position of operations manager is closed internal recruitment as a closed system is less expensive than that of the open system but might lead to a high legal cost if minorities and women do not have equal access to job. Filling the position of Operations Manager internally will lead to other job vacancies, which will now need to filled.

As a result, the use of external recruitment should be considered to pool candidates for the new vacancy. JPS is a unionized environment so as a result when they are recruiting they have to follow the procedures that were set by the union and to make sure that it is acceptable by all. Within the organisation there is a grievance procedure which stipulates how employees can voice their concerns on unfair practices which may includes discrimination against women minorities in the recruitment process.

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