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Recruitment process and Cycle

People’s Leasing and Finance PLY was founded in 1995, in the past 14 ears the company has built an extraordinary tradition of excellence in all spheres of leasing.The Company’s customers range from individuals to Seems to blue chip companies of the country.Marketing Executive Selection and Recruitment Process Steps in the Selection Process Review of applications Preliminary interview The purpose of this interview is to analyze the applicants.

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Selection test A selection test is usually used to assess an applicant’s qualifications and potential Subsequent interview The final interview is done at the 2nd of the final interview.

Medical examination and Personal reference check Before the job offer is made, the candidate is required to undergo a physical fitness test. The selection decision The final decision has to be made from the pool of individuals who pass the tests, interviews and references checks. Calling Applications Calling for applications by publishing vacancies on newspapers and Ply’s website. In the advertisement job description, qualifications required, closing date and etc. Are clearly mentioned.

Applicant is given the option to send the C.V. by post or via an email. When a vacancy arises the applications accumulated in their database those left by the candidates who have applied online by visiting the company website also considered. After the closing date of applications, those applications are being reviewed and sorted by the HER personnel who handle it. Examination Shortlist candidates are being called for an examination. IQ knowledge and English language proficiency of the candidates are tested at the examination.

Candidates those who scored above the pass mark mentioned in their policy are being called for the second stage of the recruitment process. Interview Second stage of the process is an interview. This preliminary interview is conducted by the head Of the department (ROD) for which the candidate is going to be assigned I. E. Marketing Department according to this study along with the head of HER Department. Candidates those who get shortlist from preliminary interview are called for the second or final interview.

Panel of the final interview consists of CEO of the company, Head of Marketing and Head Recruitment Anal interview board decides whom they are going to recruit. Before informing the candidate accuracy of the information provided by him is verified by calling the references supplied by him. After gaining additional insights the candidate is being informed over the phone and sends a letter stating the date that he should join and the documents he needs to furnish before the date of appointment in order for the company to process the letter of appointment.

Candidates those who are employed given a one month notice period to resign from current employment. The candidate needs to provide a police report and the CRIB report as soon as possible. Normally within one week from informing the result of the final interview. After receiving those two documents HER department process the letter of appointment and get it signed from the CEO and informs the candidate to sign the letter after reading all the terms and conditions on a date prior to his appointment date.

On the date of appointment the candidate needs to bring copies of all educational, professional, and sports certificates along with the originals for HER personnel to attest and attach those copies in the personnel file of the employee. Training Cycle Two weeks induction program is conducted to give an overall understanding for the new employee about the company, its operations and its culture. Processes of all the departments of the company are explained irrespective of the department for which the new employee being recruited.

The person who has been recruited as a marketing executive is aware of other functions of the company which is more helpful in performing day to day activities and moving with other employees of the company. After the induction program HER department schedules department vise in-house training programs once in every six months’ time. 1 . Training Need Analysis The nature of the training programmer is decided by the Head of Marketing Department and top management by analyzing the current trends of the industry and considering the areas which they have identified as need to be improved by observing the day to day operations. . Plan and Design Training Programmer After identifying the training needs, the objectives are set on which the trainer can design the content of the programmer. Participants of the training session are decided by the HOOD. The practice of the company is to conduct training programs for employees of same grade which is more convenient since all the participants are with similar levels of knowledge. Therefore, the trainer can decide the content and the effort he has to put to achieve the set objectives.

The decision whether to use an internal trainer or an external trainer is decided by the HOOD by considering the comprehensiveness of the training that they have planned to conduct. Marketing department head and the HER department head decide the resource person who is going to conduct the training session. Employees who are going to participate for the training are being informed by the HER department by sending emails. Venue, seating arrangements, and food and beverages are arranged by the HER Department.

Methods of Training structure method, on the job training and role plays are the most popular methods used in training programmer conducted for Marketing Executives. Lecture method is used to keep the participants informed about the current trends and practices of the industry, the role they play as a marketing executive and what is expected from them by the company and the customer. As a part of on the job training the marketing executives learn the process needs to be followed to get a facility file of a customer approved and the documents need to be furnished for the purpose.

Role plays are being used n training sessions to teach the participants how to deal with different customers who respond differently in a given scenario, which is very important for a marketing executive who deals directly with the customer. 3. Conduct the Training Programmer Head of marketing department and the HER staff who coordinate the training session take measures to conduct the training programmer according to the schedule without any deviation and disturbances. Once a year an outside training is being conducted for marketing executives. For the training session a professional of the industry is selected as the resource person. Training Evaluation On the final day of the training session feedback is obtained from the participants by providing a questionnaire with multiple choice and open ended questions. In that the participants are given the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the training program and the resource person and provide the suggestions for improvement. Feedbacks obtained are being analyzed after each and every training session and incorporated the constructive suggestions in new training programmer. Suggestions for Improvement In the recruitment process of PLY there is no requirement for the candidate o undergo a medical test.

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