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Describe about yourself" - Identify synopsis about the applicant, specifically their Unique Selling Proposition, describe the applicants who they are and the major benefit that a company will drive from this person. Q. "Why have you applied for this Job? Or "Why are you leaving the current position? " - These are very critical questions. The interviewer will consider the reason why the applicants make a change. Is that problem with their previous employer or co-workers? Or do they want to promote? Q. What do you consider your most significant accomplishment in your previous Jobs? " - To find out their experiences/roles/responsibilities that the company can derive from that accomplishments Q. "What excites you most about this position and what do you think would be stretch for you? " - Evaluate and test the applicant to make sure they understand this Job description and what motivates them to take this Job. Interview questions about applicant's skills and experiences: Q. "Why do you believe you are qualified for this position? - To identify what qualifications or skills that the applicants need to adapt this Job. The applicant need to mention technical skills, a management skill or personal success story Q. What do you like/dislike most about your previous Job? " - Try to determine compatibility with the open position. Can discuss about challenges, pressure situations, deadlines Q. "What tasks do you find the hardest in the last Jobs? What weaknesses do you have and want to improve? " - Understand the limit of the applicants and identify their weakness.

Does the weakness affect to the company? Or could the weaknesses be improved? Q. "Describe a difficult work situation/ project and how would you handle it? " Q. "Describe the time that you didn't work well with supervisor or co-worker? What was the outcome and how would you have changed the outcome? " CIO. "Have you worked with someone you didn't like? If so, how you handle it? " - These case-study questions to determine how the applicants dealt with their Jobs under the difficult situations such as pressure, technical problems, confliction with co-workers...

IQ 1 . "Do you prefer to work independently or on a team? " - Want to know if they are team's players or would rather work on their own. IQ 2. "Give some examples of teamwork that you involved. " - Determine the applicant's roles/responsibilities in the team and how heir contribution to make the project successfully Interview Questions about Technical Skills IQ 3. "What do you do to maintain your technical certifications? " IQ 4. "How do you keep current on this industry? - Want to know if the applicant still update their knowledge in IT field and "could they be trained if required? " IQ 5. "How do you troubleshoot IT issues? " Q. "What development tools have you used? " - To find out their experience how to troubleshoot computer's hardware and software; maybe which tools they used to fix it or what programming language they used... IQ 7. "Tell me about a time that you work conveying technical information to a unintentional audience" - Examine applicant's communication skills, and how they delivered their Job to unintentional audience.

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How quickly are they response for the problems? IQ 8. "Tell me about the IT's project you are most proud of, and what your contribution was. " IQ 9. "Give an example of where you have applied your technical knowledge in a practical way' - A deeper look in terms of technical skills to make sure the candidates are suitable for this Job. The interviewer maybe look at the software, management tools or development tools they used, are these tools used in our company? Q. What are you salary requirements - both short-terms and long- terms? Would you take a Job for less money? " - To identify the salary that satisfy the applicant and also consider the budget that company can afford it Interview Guide l. Prepare Create comfortable environment Introduce the purpose of this interview Spend some time introducing yourself to the applicants, and ask the applicants to do the same II. Core interview Focus on open questions to draw out candidates and their opinions.

The questions would follow interview questions above: General questions: Ask about the applicant's personality, passion, hobbies Opinions about work and life Work independently or team Their ability Experienced in problems and how deal with it Deal with deadlines, stress Technical questions: Their roles/responsibilities in previous project/Job Ability to pick up new product/technology quickly Technical skills Technical training courses Career and company questions: Salary requirements Opinions about this position/company Future career plan Ill. After the interview - Tell the applicants how can you reach them or send the results.

Write a checklist all the questions you as

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