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In spite of what we see on television regarding crime scenes and detective work, detectives are more complex than what they are showing us. According to the Bureau of Labor, a police officers Job is to protect the citizens and our land(Bureau of Labor 2014). While the Job of a detective is to investigate crimes, gather facts and collect evidence, for a potential crime (Bureau of Labor 2014), there are severe types of detectives within a police department. There are homicide detectives, who work specifically on finding the person who committed the homicide.

Cyber Crime detectives, and their focus is strictly on protecting the citizens from internet abuse kind computer crimes. Computer crimes would consist of fraud and identity thief. Cyber detectives also protect our youth from predators on the internet. There is also have a gang and narcotics unit, in which some of the detectives will go undercover, just to get the information they need to start an investigation. (Dempsey & Frost 2011). Last but not least, there is a detective unit for cold cases.

These cases are asses that could not be solved, boot other detectives from different departments(Retested 2014). I believe that they should leave the policing to the police and the Investigative work to the detectives. Keeping their work separate is beneficial to the citizens and the police department. This way they can be more attentive and peduncle to the citizens in specific areas. Police are being pulled Into many different directions on a dally basis.. They are called for emergency and non-emergency situations everyday.

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The police wouldn't be as effective doing their day to day, If they add detective work to their plate. I believe that the detective annuls that I mentioned above are needed and should be kept separately. While I do agree that the police should do the preliminary work, but I do not agree with them doing the Investigative work as well. I don't believe the police departments wouldn't be as successful If they didn't have them separate. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2014). Police and Detective Occupational Outlook. Shinto DC: SSP suite. Dempsey, J. , & Frost, L. (2011). Police (e). Clifton Park, NY: Delmarva Retested, A. (2014).

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