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Quality at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

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The achievement of quality by Ritz-Carlton Hotel will mean that the hotel has met its operational target goals. To monitor the hotels success towards the achievement of quality, the hotel should use six-Sigma which will enable the company to measure defects in the organization. Six-sigma is very important as it will enable the company to measure its success towards quality achievement (Milgate. M. 2004). This is because once a defect is noticed in the hotel functions, then the company will work on reducing the defects so as to improve on the quality of its services.

Achievement of quality leads to high level of customer satisfaction and also leads to high numbers of customers. As a way of monitoring the achievement of quality, the company should assess the external and internal quality to ensure that there are no complains from customers. The company can also assess the delivery of services to customers as by doing this it will be able to assess the improvement in the quality of the provided services (Paulk. Et. al. 2007). Therefore, the company should assess the efficiency of its operations and do the necessary improvements so as to ensure the success of its quality.

Actions required in proving quality A company’s slogan of providing quality should match its actions. Therefore several actions should be expected in company whose slogan is to provide quality services. It is one thing to talk of providing quality and another thing to provide quality. The best action to prove quality is to provide quality services and goods to ensure customer satisfaction (Paulk. Et. al. 2007). For example, the goals of Ritz-Carlton is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction failure to which it stands high chances of losing the guests to competition.

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For a company to prove its quality, it should also ensure that its employees are highly trained to ensure that they are self directed. Well trained, qualified and informed employees are usually in a better position to make decisions which are for the bets of the organization. To prove its quality the hotel should exhibit efficiency in its external quality which is the level of customer satisfaction and the internal quality which includes the internal operations (Milgate. M. 2004). For example Ritz-Carlton Hotel should ensure its internal quality like includes service delivery, housekeeping are efficient.

Efficient internal and external quality is a good prove of quality. Companies should therefore commit themselves towards meeting the customer expectations and making sure the companies are free from deficiencies. Example of how it costs the Ritz-Carlton less “to do things right” the first time The name of the company “Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company” evokes quality and luxury and the company treats quality as if it were the heartbeat of the company. The fact that the company had already initiated a quality control program enabled it to do the right thing or it enabled the company to produce quality services to its customers at a low cost. Read also about hotel reservation system

That is the company ensured that its operations which range form room service delivery, guest reservation and registration, breakfast service and message delivery were always efficient and this costs it less to provide quality. When the internal processes are efficient, then it becomes cheaper for a company to produce quality services. The company also has a good reputation and this led to provision of quality services at low cost since the good reputation of the company enabled it to gain a competitive advantage (Paulk. Et. al. 2007)

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