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The Ritz Carlton Hotel

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The Ritz-Carlton is a luxury hotels, was established in 1983, it is the foremost name in luxury hotels worldwide, this success is largely due to the legendary Caesar Ritz who developed and operated two of the world’s best hotels in Paris and London, the hotel achieved such fame in the marketplace till the point they attained what is often referred to as “The Ritz Mystique”. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Marriott International.

The fact of working with The Ritz-Carlton is not like working in other companies and the experience employees will get is totally different from other ones, they have ever had, each have a unique ability to provide high quality services to the guests, members and residents . the essential culture is one of mutual respect. Employees treat each other the same way they treat guests. Ritz-Carlton provides an array of benefits to all of its ladies and gentlemen with a team that feels more like a family.

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The Ritz Carlton Hotel is following a different culture in order to motivate its employees. This culture consists of providing a good working environment and makes its employees feel their importance while doing their tasks which is the main key in motivating employees as they make them feel more comfortable”ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen”, and that will urge them to provide a high customer service and they will be more productive rather than taking orders and applying them automatically as robot, as a result, customers will be completely satisfied.

In order to maintain its customer base which reached over 800,000 customers worldwide and to change the culture within the organization, The Ritz Carlton Hotels had to face some challenges attempting to share its knowledge of quality as it applies to service. Ritz-Carlton adopted this as a central mission through the creation of The Ritz-Carlton Learning Institute and The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center As a five-star Hotels, The Ritz Carlton Hotels will not rest on its successes, it has made a commitment to its guests, members, residents, employees and communities to continuously pursue excellence.

As we can see, including the new joiner staff members Ritz-Carlton the culture used will motivate employees to be more productive to work happily under a better working environment as a result the quality of services will be higher than the expected consequently, Ritz-Carlton guests , customers will get total satisfaction as they will be well served. And such environment will promote the culture to spread amongst all The Ritz-Carlton Ladies and Gentlemen.

The Ritz-Carlton hotels culture is a successful one that all companies has to follow in order to promote good communications between employees , it teaches staff members acceptance and appreciation for diversity whether it’s racial or religion diversity, besides it encourages fair treatment of each employee as well as respect for each employee’s contribution to the company as result employees will tend to be more and more productive and to be positive while doing their tasks.

As employees will get equal opportunities to contribute and to realize their full potential within the company, their pride and passion for The Ritz-Carlton hotels and the work performed will increase. In addition to that, such culture has been shown to possess statistically better growth. Such culture possess high employee involvement, strong internal communications and an acceptance and encouragement of a healthy level of risk-taking in order to achieve total guests satisfaction. Additionally, organizational culture that obviously emphasizes factors related to the career growth of such organizations will be better performed in

Ritz-Carlton. as result, such constructive Culture is where employees are encouraged to be in communication with their co-workers, and work as teams, rather than only as individuals. In positions where people do a complex job, rather than something simple, this sort of culture is an efficient one as it ensures the achievement, it guarantees self-actualizing. That’s why we can categorize The Ritz-Carlton hotels culture as a typical one to follow by other organizations in order to grow up.

I think, it is very important to understand how customers and guests perceive The Ritz-Carlton hotels working attitude, thus the working environment has to be reflected on staff members by their natural smile, their desire to provide high quality of services and their dynamism. In order to reach this level we have to follow an organizational structure which will determine the company’s capacity and effectiveness and contribute to improve Ritz’s brand image and promise (costumer services quality), as a result The Ritz-Carlton hotels can be a role model to other organizations.

Personally I would be glad to be one of The Ritz-Carlton hotels staff members and join their team. Appendix 1 1- The culture used in The Ritz-Carlton consists of making their employees feel more important and comfortable doing their tasks,” Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen”, that’s the most employees motivating factor. 2- To maintain the new culture, The Ritz-carlton hotels management created Learning Institute and The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center in order to ensure the continuing training to all its staff members and urge them apply their culture while doing their tasks. - In such culture, both employees and guest will be totally satisfied as employees will provide services with full motivation and as customers will receive the legendary customer service ever. 4- Other organizations can take The Ritz-Carlton hotels as a role model as The Ritz-Carlton make its employees feel the importance of the tasks they are doing. Husain Abubaker Ali Alhamed Al Hashmi(H00234709)


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