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Viral Marketing at Ritz

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Viral marketing is the marketing of the products which moves from one person to another. In other word right use of those techniques by which the information can be passing from one person to another as in case of virus like the virus spreads in the wide area with having the multiplicity activity. This type of marketing technique also involves such multiplicity. The multiplicity of information from one person to another all of the marketing techniques is dependable upon the people who adopt the product or not.

Last decision always based upon the people viral marketing is the increasing techniques used in the marketing of different products. These days it works in ? short time more and produces more customers for the products, by increasing the demand of the product like virus where the information spreads over the large area. (Schneider 2005 59-68) This is the techniques which is very easy to apply and create more and more consumers to increase the demands of the product.

This can be done by any media of transmitting the information, for example, by transmitting the information from the cell phones, by making the message to one person. He sends that message to another and the process starts after the message once pass as the society is based. On this fact that when ever anything which the people found well, they must transmit the information of the same thing to other peoples. In order to inform them or to increase their knowledge or to create the interests of other persons too, the techniques are useful in certain areas and it may be dangerous for the company's products sales.

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So it is not true to say that viral marketing always results in the profits not losses. (Mill 2005 117-28) 7. 5 Techniques for Viral Marketing There are various methods and techniques for viral marketing these are: • To provide the email address and phone numbers, how would any one do this? Provide the information about the company product with the phone number or the email address at the end of that information’s. If some one read the message he or she has.

If any question they can easily ask from the number given below, this information with this number travels from one person to another and at times comes when large number of people know about the product. (Torres 2007 294-318) • After the whole message writes in block letters that if some wants more to read about the products or want more information about the product they can easily get the free email from this websites and gave the website address in the end of the message.

This type of techniques will be helpful for the customers if they want to know more about the product they should contact with the company. • After the message the messenger must be quite and wait for the peoples responses whether the person you send the message is involve in sending that message to other peoples too or not they must send that information to others if the information contains most of the attracting things which create the customers interest.

• Provide the free email services after the signing up o more of the people by reading the message and provide many information about the product. • After the free email services send the message to the entire circle which is in the contact of organizer send the message to relative’s friends and other persons to make the further progress. (Lynch 2006 4-12) The viral marketing strategy needs the full concentration of the management of the people after signing in to the accounts receive the free emails and they require some more information’s.

So they must contact with the company’s enquiry in order to increase more information of the product. So the system of hearing to the people's complaints and advices must be the good and there is the availability of twenty four hours services made by the staff in that company. Provision of that media by which the people do not take much effort and much more time to transmit the information to others, they can easily send the information to other peoples is necessary for viral marketing.

If the transmitting of information requires large measures then it will be impossible for the person to transmit that information may be they do not have the time to transmit that information. So message should include those things by which the people can easily transmit the information to others with out the wastage of time. The message should be started sending from the small scale then to the large scale. It is impossible for any one to start sending message from the large scale.

(Kastenholz 2007 388-408) The message should be transmitted from one person to another by making message to one or two persons then towards more. Evaluate the attitudes of the people towards the message whether they are informing others is the message attractive for them or not the message should be written like that it creates the interest of the people at once with out the wastage of time. So the information written must focused on the interest creation of the people.

Make use of large number of communication networks for transmitting the message by any means use different channels to inform the people about the products. The word free is that word which attracts the attention of the customers at once if the free options are given at the end of the message then people should search on what is free with the product and if the related thing is also of their own interest they must contact and take more information of the product.

If the pass-along numbers get too low, the overall growth quickly fizzles. (Lumsdon 2006 139-56) There are many benefits of using the viral marketing, but with these benefits there are also some of the disadvantages of using the viral marketing. Before going to make the marketing of the product one not knows that the product will be successful in the market. If they don’t know about the future then it is very hard to make the good marketing as the future aspects are uncertain.

(Wearne 2005 151-62) So one should never predict what will happen after the message sends to the single person how he will react to the information the marketer provide. So there are so many obstacles in the way of viral marketing these are: Viral marketing is the process of transmitting the information to some one then transformation will travel from one person to another, but this type of media for transmitting the information has many complexities.

For example, if the marketer provides the information to one person and that person provides the information to other but not the same information which the marketer provides, and he changes some of the information and send it to another may be he don’t write all of the things which the marketer provides, this will make the changes in the information and when this information travel from one person to another it will be change and change. In the end with these changes in the information at the end change the whole of the market strategy for product which the organization wants.

There is also another problem that when people read the wrong information’s they shall ask many questions which will be hard for the management to handle. In this way the information which the organizer wants to inform to the people would change and take the shape of some other information and the market strategy which the organization plans for the product becomes fails. (Schneider 2005 59-68) Chapter V 8. 0 Conclusion Marketing is an art to play with emotions of people and let them compel to buy your products or promotions.

There should also be co - ordination with the other departments like food and beverage service department, engineering and maintenance department, accounts department, and also the kitchen department. The hotels poor appearance both, internally as well as externally should be changed. However, the number of rooms and the types of rooms including the conference rooms and the meeting rooms can be kept unchanged. Flower arrangements should be made in the areas like reception, lobby, and guest rooms since flowers not only increase the eye appeal but it also increasers the aesthetic value of the hotel.

There should be safety and security provided by the hotel to its staff as well as the guests. Safety may not make any money, but without adequate safety procedures, an establishment can lose ? considerable amount of money. Cleaning can earn ? reputation for ? hotel or ruin the reputation like for the Lake Hotel. It is the human tendency to expect cleanliness in the place where they live and eat and when that place is dirty, then the hotel fails to meet the expectations of the guests. (Mill 2005 117-28)

Lastly, in today's world, most of the guests prefer staying at ? place where they feel comfortable at ? price that suits their pockets. It we compare ? big size hotel having ? very good infrastructure with the costliest paintings of the world, but not having ? good staff with ? small size hotel having ? helpful, willing staff, the guests will probably never prefer to look at the costliest paintings of the world, but they will prefer to experience the dignity and comfort provided by the staff members of the small size hotels.

The marketing of any product in the market requires many efforts of the individuals and the people in the management of the organization. (Torres 2007 294-318) The management must be active for such processes in the organization ands setting up of goals are necessary for every achievement. There are many techniques now the marketers are using for introducing the new products into the markets in which there are some of the techniques, which they used ? lot these marketing techniques are associated with the viral marketing because the channels under the viral marketing are the most transmitting channels of information today.

(Lumsdon 2006 139-56) Today large number of hotels are using the viral marketing for the marketing of different features of their hotel it will help bringing more customers and future profits too. The marketing concept is ? philosophy. Marketing is not only much broader than selling. Concern and responsibility for marketing must therefore permeate all areas of the enterprise. Any Place, Organization, Hotel or Resort cannot be maintained without strategic planning and maintenance.

It is very difficult for any organization to run efficiently where there is no proper attention paid to the guests and the services provided to them. We can see the results in the Lake Hotel. However, if the Hotel does proper planning and takes the following points into consideration, then surely the Hotel will have good sales and occupancy and also ? good name in its locality. ? Hotel should make people feel like ? ' home away from home' After all, it is ? good experience that people want to take back to their homes. (Lynch 2006 4-12)


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