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Pursuasive Policy

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To persuade my audience that the fight against bullying begins at home. Central Problem Statement: Due to the increase in bullying in schools, there is a need to prohibit bullying and create a safe and educational environment. INTRODUCTION Attention Step (Pathos) l. Bullies. Dictionary. Com defines bullies as a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

I will now share a true story with you and I want you to think to ourselves If this story poses as the definition. A few years ago, on the evening of September 9th, 2010, a boy of Greensboro named Billy Lucas committed suicide by hanging. Earlier that day Billy had been suspended from school for cursing at the bullies that were harassing with "gay" discourse. Channel 8 news reports that a day before Billy committed suicide that his sister told a good friend of Bills that "He had a chair pulled out from underneath him and was told to go hang himself. Later that evening that Is Just what he did. Reveal the Topic II. There are a few absolution policies that are set In the school systems that prevent bulling from occurring, only to limit it. Relevancy (Logos) Ill. Most schools pretty much have the same policy with in their school system, which is called the Anti-Bully Policy. This policy basically states that any student or employee will not be abused psychologically or physically. Credibility I have had personal V. Experience with this as my friend was a victim In a bullying case.

Unfortunately for him, he awaited the same fate as Billy as he committed suicide after being pushed to the edge. Preview For the next few minutes, I will share about the frequency at which bullying occurs without interference not only in the state of Indiana but the entire country. I will also state the obvious by saying the policies set in now are ineffective and new policies with new strategic plans need to be unveiled in order to save lives. BODY Need Step (Claim) l. Bystanders don't take the necessary actions to prevent bullying from proceeding In schools.

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Assertion 1: Bullying Is a concerning issue that happens everyday, whether it is reported or not, it happens. Evidence Logos: A. According to a study done by the Response Ability Act, 86% of children have witnessed bullying at least once (RAP Project) Evidence Logos: B. In 2008, there was a study done right here in Indiana that showed how bullying cases led to suicides. From the ages 10-19 there were an astonishing 1,819 suicides relating to bullying In school, which means there are way too many people not doing anything about It. Evidence Pathos: C.

As I have already stated, before I moved here, I had a friend that would constantly be bullied and even while I was around, which made me he bystander. This went on for some time until I saw on the news that my friend had committed suicide. It broke my heart because I was just as guilty as the bully for not doing anything to stand up for what was right and I have regretted not taking action ever since. Transition: Now tattoo know some statistics and my own personal let Like me, in my story, many bystanders lack courage to step into the situation Evidence Pathos: A.

Imagine you are the victim in a bullying situation such as the one I previously stated. I mean you are in the midst of a bully string to ingle as much pain as possible into you. You look up and see your classmates laughing and making fun of you, yet you see your best friend Just watching. Evidence Ethos: B. Now let's switch roles for a bit, you're the bystander or the best friend Just watching this take place. Why don't you do anything? Why don't you stick up for your friend? Well according to Recount. Com, the typical bystander doesn't get involved for various reasons.

But the most common reasons are "None of their business", "They will come a target", and "It will give them an unwanted stigma, such as a tattle tale". (Recount. Com) Evidence Logos: C. The U. S. Department of Justice shows the between the years of 1999 and 2003 there had been a 2. 1% increase in bullying cases. So we bystanders have to stop this trend. Transition: Now that you know that not only bullying is a problem but also the bystander that does nothing is a problem, let me explain how we can offer help and or implement policies to eliminate these problems. Satisfaction Step: II.

Spending the appropriate time with the kids at mom teaching the correct morals and values will put an end to bullying in schools. A. Psychometric. Com states that the best and most obvious way to stop bullying in schools is for parents to change the way they parent their children at home. A. Good kids who don't get in trouble or start any trouble typically come from households in which these morals and values are presented to them almost daily. B. Bullies usually come from families who fight a lot which is seen as the acceptable behavior and is repeated in school. B.

However my audience here is probably brothers and sisters ND maybe aunts and uncles. A. The same principles really apply, your apart of the family too so you should have a part too. C. So in order to summarize this up, I'm not asking for money or donations, I'm not asking for you to sign a petition, I am Just asking you to spend time with the kids in your household and to make sure you know that they know what is right and how to handle these situations if they were to occur. Transition: Now that you know the root of the problem of bullying, I want to show you a video that puts everything into perspective.

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