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Essay On Promotional Strategy

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Promotion is a very important part of doing business in tourism and recreation industries. It helps the customers get information that will influence them positively and encourage them to use the services. Promotion involves careful planning in order to achieve the company’s goals (Tapan 2007 p114). When coming up with a promotional strategy one need to know the different tools available for marketing. In food and beverage industry several methods of promoting their services and products can be used.

One of the promotional tools that can be used is advertising where an identified sponsor like radio, web pages, emails, print adverts, television and billboards can be used to make the customers aware of the available products and services. Sales promotion is another promotional tool which aims at persuading and helping potential customers to buy goods and services. This can be done though telephone, face to face with the customers, sales presentation and telemarketing it convinces people to buy products or services now instead paying higher prices in future.

Through public relations, a tourism industry can stimulate the customers to buy their services by giving a good presentation of the industry to the media. This can be achieved through magazine and newspaper articles, issue advertising, speeches radio and television and seminars. Another tool that can be used by the industry is improvement of corporate image. The industry should create a good image to the public so that they will be willing to buy the products and services. In order to come up with a good strategy the company should determine its targeted audiences.

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Whether they are local or international customers, repeat or first time visitors, young or old and whether they are family members or singles. One should also identify their needs and what they rely on to get information about recreation and tourism opportunities. This is because different customers have different needs and their sources of information are different. These sources should be identified and then find the targeted customers and deliver the information direct to them.

In development of the promotional strategy, one should come up with objectives to show what one want to accomplish after promotion (Lear 2010, p 326). The objectives should state the targeted customers, the change that one want to accomplish after promoting and how much time the objectives will take to be accomplished. In order to come up with a good promotional message it is advisable to develop the content of the message. One can use informative message to tell people about the services and products offered in tourism industry without much concern about their response.

One can also use persuasive message to convince people to buy the goods or services. The other activity in development of a promotional strategy is choosing the right media. One should thoroughly understand the media used by the target customers since by using it the message will be delivered effectively. Evaluation should be done on the promotional strategy to determine whether it is meeting the aid down objectives. Product diversification strategy This can be done to increase the potential of the market.

It involves creation of new customer base which results to expansion of the existing products. It can be done through extension of brands or brands which are new (Tapan 2000 p114). The modification of the product may also result to creation of new market by coming up with new uses of the product. The food and beverage industry can modify its current products and services in order top come up with better new products which will result to attraction of new customers. Product diversification strategy helps in increasing competitiveness thus increasing the revenue income to the sector.

Product diversification can help a company obtain new customers for the products by improving the existing product image or reputation. This strategy requires differentiation of the product and accurate targeting to increase the sales and overall profits and at the same time to avoid ending your market. When implementing this strategy cost need to be kept at minimum as much as possible. Research should be conducted in order to find out what service or product alterations will appeal to the customers and at the same time the changes should not cost the industry huge sums of money (Edward 2000 p448).

These changes include changing the name of the product, slightly improving the product which will result to attraction of customers. Market expansion strategy In order for the tourism industry to overcome the market problems it should expand its market which will increase its profit obtained from new markets. The industry can create new segments in its existing market or can create business outside its existing market. The tourism industry can look for new customers from foreign countries.

In order for a company to achieve this it must be committed to providing the best services and products to the customers. Proper promotion methods must also be used in order for the foreign customers to get aware of the services and products provided. This can be done through the promotional mix like advertising and public relations. When implementing market diversification strategy, the company needs to change and adapt to the different cultures and policies from the foreign customers.

Changes may also occur in pricing structure, promotional strategy and also to the product or service itself (Lear 2010 p114). The industry should be very flexible to accommodate the foreigners who will be having different buying habits and culture. In order for country to earn profits and be competitive, the tourism industry can increase its market through segmented markets and customized holidays. Conclusion In conclusion, due to globalization food and beverage industry faces certain issues like change of customer preferences, change of market trends and even competition as explained in the article.

Due to these problems the industry should come up with marketing strategies which will help it survive in the market. The article gives these strategies which include product development strategy promotional strategy, product diversification strategy and market diversification strategy. With proper implementation of these strategies the industry will be in a position to attract more customers by meeting their needs satisfactorily and this will lead to increase in sales and the overall profits of the company. Reference: Alan F & Brian G 2005.

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