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Black is an expert retailer sells quality outdoor products. Besides of the current success, they intent to explore new plots other than the existing traditional distribution channels. The major objectives of the advertisings are strengthen the awareness of the brand created by existed business; creating awareness of the new online business, and increasing the number of clicks of the website.

How does it work? Model: Feel --> Learn --> Do (Feeler) Black is an outdoor product specialist retailer, it is impossible to promoting different ranges of products on a print advertising. Besides, the process of the purchasing decision take place in the store or when people browse Black's website. Thus, the advertising is designed to build awareness of the brand, encourage people drop into the store and browse the website as they have online purchase services. To achieve these objectives, the advertising set up to affect people by emotional communication with humourous words and attractive image-focus format rather than long copy format.

Consider about the impression of advertising cannot last long; Blacks launched 2 different versions of print advertising separately on continuous issues. These 2 advertising stick to the same creative concept and appeared as similar scenes to ensure consumer could recognize the link between them. The arrangement works on the readers who purchase the magazine frequently and continuously. Once the previous advertising actually did some impressions, the latter one reminds them of the brand by the similar appearance and same concept. The repetition makes the memory last much longer than a single advertising.

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The composition of these two advertisings is very similar and simple. The background of the advertising is a picture of a normal scene that could be found in anyone's home: an exercise bike or a TV set. The colour scheme is simple combined with mild undertone, which could stand out from other advertising due to the non-clutter positioning. The copy is the highlight and "spirit" of the advertising; consumers can feel the sense of humour in it. The expression of the words amuses readers, it seems like said by a child or some unsophisticated people don't know the rules of the world.

The exercise bike couldn't move; the people in the TV screen moving but not the one watching it. We see the scenes frequently and never think there is something wrong with it. But the copy indicates the inconsistency in it that we didn't find before. After be entertained by the advertising, the consumers might have no idea what is this ads about at first place, apparently not for exercise bike or TV; until they see the logo of the brand with the description - the outdoor experts. That gives the unsettled question an explanation. Consumers could be impressed by these comparisons of move and fixation; inside and outdoor. In conclusion, the series of advertising intent to arouse consumers' curiousness by using emotional involvement then encourage them to discover the brand through visiting stores or browse the website.

Advertising 3: AquaDrops Mint General Analysis AquaDrops is a refreshing sweet company offering different kinds of mints with fruity flavours. This advertising appeared at the latest issue of NME, which is a music magazine targeted at young people and students. The objectives of the advertising are create / strengthen the awareness of the brand, and what is more, stimulate purchase. How does it work? Model: Do --> Feel --> Learn (Reactor)

Due to the price of the refreshing sweet is low; people don't take much time to choose between the brands through researching the benefits and features of the product. They select the mint according to personal preference rather than rational evidences. It could be affected by the position of the shelf; design of the package or persuasion by the seller. For these reasons, the advertising intended to involve more emotional factors to impress the consumers and build the awareness of the brand, to convince them choose AquaDrops next time when they want to buy some refreshing sweet.

According to Vaughn's theory, products like candy, cigarettes or liquor satisfy personal tastes can be seen as "life's little pleasure"; the imagery and consumer's quick satisfaction from products are requisites in the advertising. As recommended by Vaughn, AquaDrops used imagery to build a scene of extreme dryness and offering the solution which could satisfy consumers' needs immediately.

This advertising employed colorful scheme to attract attention. The chief taster wears neat white work clothes which implied the boredom of her job. The background filled with different colours of biscuits, the material of the biscuits seems extremely hard and dry. What is more, the bone-shape biscuits implied the slang ingeniously: dry as a bone. This picture is a spur to consumers' imagination of describing a scene in their minds, and could image the extremely dryness that the chief taster feels. The disgusted expression on her face emphasized the feeling even more. This advertising expressed a feeling of taste through a smart picture. It visualized the dryness and impressed audience significantly. The only bright colour in the whole scene makes people feel delighted is the green text and the package of the mint.

The bubble-shaped characters and the glossy reflection highlighted the "juicy" of the words. It implied the refreshing mint is the only solution to escape the extremely dryness in the scene; and the fruity flavour could get rid of the taste of the biscuits that will give people more pleasure. To sum up, this advertising uses an imaginary scene of dryness to affect people, let them image the extreme feeling and be involved in this scene; then provide their own product as the solution to overcome the comfortlessness of dry. The usage of emotional involvement is very impressive that amused people with the sense of humour.


Nowadays, the increasing number of advertisings appeared in different media, how to attract attentions, stand out from other advertisings and how to persuade consumer to purchase eventually are the questions that every advertiser confront. To understand the consumers' purchase process of different product categories, develop adaptable strategies according to theories of advertising and consumer behavour should be helpful for developing successful advertising.


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