Principles of Health Care Administration

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Name: Erika Hernandez MHA601:   Principles of Health Care Administration Professor: Alisa Wagner Date: March 4, 2013 Avoiding Errors in Healthcare Management The health care organizations, managers develop new ways to address these errors among the postmodern and complexity adaptive systems (CAS). Managers must develop strategies for advantages of learning that if change is applied to our management skills in which is being implemented by the postmodern and complexity adaptive systems to become production. They are being faced with many challenges in any situation at our everyday employment or job setting.

They must be able to determine what is correct when making decisions while knowing and learning to do what is right for the health care organization. In this assignment, I will cover the ten error scenarios and the explanation on why they are errors in healthcare management organizations. The first error that I will explain is failing to accountability for employee to learn safe machine operation methods by experimenting on their own. This error will allow them to exclude a step by step process, which a step by step process is what makes the organization operate at its best.

I believe that the employees will benefit and develop their own way of processing these machines operations to better their job performance. Keeping a minimum routine can reduce the quality of product. The second error is training all employees with the same orientation program regardless of the cultural interpretation. In the United States, we live in a huge diverse world as time changes and also we retrieve the information given to us differently as well as how we interpret the information. The main point of managers is not to compare or contrast any situation, but to correct the way of everyone’s training.

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Our text mentions, postmodern and complexity adaptive system that both of them address problems between what people observe and what they think things should be. The next error is disciplining one employee, expecting a modest change in behaviour but getting a union response. The quality of relationships within a healthcare organization may be more important than the quality of the people, because healthcare organizations are essentially relational in their structures, processes, and functions (Stroebel, 2005).

Healthcare organization relies greatly on the influence of the employees to establish a great relationship within the organization. An example would be having a great relationship with the patients and families as well. Another error is changing a work process without considering the role of communities of practice on the work performance. In this error, the employee with a disciplining can be a reflection of a change in the work place setting. We as managers must develop strategies on any change without the employees initiating and the outcome could be to better the organization.

Healthcare management plays a huge important role that for them to know what their role is and how to execute their role and to receive the best outcome is hard work. The next error that I will discuss in addressing is assuming that employees will not reallocate work assignments based on their perception of the best arrangement even after receiving work allocation assignments from managements. If managers do not receive the correct information in the allocated time, they do not understand the dynamic of satisfying our clients.

Being organized is the most important thing that can be handled properly to assure the best way for our organization. Another error is ignoring the speed of informal messages as they fail to manage rumours in a productive manner. We can provide an environment of psychological safety that will help workers develop an attitude toward innovation that enables them to act with a presumption of personal and professional confidence (Edmondson, 1996). This error can mean generating a negative energy throughout the health care organization and by providing positive environments can create positive production.

The next error is failing to treat the organization’s dominant logic as an emergent property of the system, instead treating it as something that can be imposed on the system. In this error, we must prepare ourselves of what is we are going to receive as sometimes we do not want to know what the outcome really would be. In our hospital, we are having some of these errors that now they are being planned to better our organization for the best of the employees. Next, we have looking for one bad apple in a group as a strategy for improving work quality while the quality of output may be an emergent property of the group can also be an error.

This can lead to paying attention to the irrelevant things that exist in the organization. For example, we set up control systems and end up watching the control system instead of the systems (Weick, 1985). The fact that the release of the any new product may change the market in such a way as it makes the market analysis incorrect. Our world is continuously change the ability to respond creatively to market analysis can lead to unexpected situations either to any healthcare setting organizations.

I think by creating an environment where the whole people would feel free to discuss both the positive and negative outcomes of unintended events, and where the sharing of ideas is seen as a way to leverage new things in unexpected ways. Complexity science and postmodernism concentrate on “transforming the space of the possible. ”   (Johnson, 2010). The last error of discussion is offering a premium to internal workers for extra production without expecting the change in rewards structure to affect relationship with suppliers.

This is an error that provides incentives for the internal workers to provide production. Great managers are about making changes to bring the best out of our workers and giving them a pat on the back as to showing them what a good job they have been doing and recognizing their employees. Considering different ways on expecting and assuming what is giving this can open the organization up to better planning in the future. In conclusion, these ten scenarios as errors can lead to critical concerns within an organization that managers must develop strategies for advantages of learning.

Managing healthcare organization requires being creative and helping people to do good things. Any decision making can be a key component to operating a great healthcare organization. As the change is applied to our organization the management skills will be implemented to the postmodern and complexity adaptive systems to become productive in the organization. References Edmondson, A. C. (1996). Learning from mistakes is easier said than done: Group and organizational influences on the detection and correction of human error. J Applied Behavior Science. 32(1):5–28. Johnson, J. A. (2010).

Health organizations:   Theory, behavior, & development. Boston: Jones and Bartlett. ISBN: 9780763750534 Weick, K. E. (1985). Cosmos vs. chaos: Sense and nonsense in electronic contexts. Organ Dyn. 14(2):51–64 Bird, K. , Kundu, A. & de Lujan Perez, G. (2010). Using Deming’s principles to create the next generation of healthcare leaders. The Journal for Quality and Participation, 33(2), 15. Retrieved from the ProQuest database. Swedish, J. (2009). Leadership: Meeting the demands of the times. Frontiers of Health Services Management, 26(2), 31. Retrieved from the ProQuest database.

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