Positioning Map for Laptop Brands

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Nowadays, various brands of laptops have been penetrating the market promising the market of fast and quality service. The constant innovation of technology has required people to conform to changes brought by world modernization. Today many companies are able to penetrate the market by selling laptop brands to the people and giving them new designs every now and then. The x axis shows the performance rate of each product while the y axis represents the prices.

Asus is one of the prominent brands in terms of technology. It currently offers a range of notebook PCs with various motherhood and platforms. The high performance models of Asus feature larger housings and thermal solutions, whereas its mobile notebooks are compact and lightweight (Global Source, 2004). Acer, on the hand, is known as world’s laptop provider too. Apparently, the price of Acer is average as compare to its competitors, it is not cheap nor too expensive which can easily be afforded by the customers.

However, the clients have been complaining about the keyboards of Acer laptops because it has oddly positioned keys which often end to conflicts after few months (Wagstaff, 2006). HP has the lowest price but reveals a good performance to its users. Although, it has a shorter battery life as compare to other brands, HP has been considered as beautiful multimedia powerhouse that the owners can take anywhere they go (Shain, 2008). Dell is also known as a giant provider of laptops in the global market because of its various designs that made the company gained appropriate market share.

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However, despite many people have already bought this brand, the fact that it gets easily hot and the metallic underside rapidly heats up, the competitors often win the competition over Dell (Reid, 2009). IBM has prided itself of impressive combination of big screen and multiple flavors of wireless readiness making the brand faster and more accessible. With its thickness and lightness, the owner will not have a hard time bringing this gadget anywhere (Thornton, 2003). Sony Vaio offers good performance in a very good price.

With its decent build quality and appealing design, this brand can be easily used for home and business related tasks (Baxter, 2007). Although Fujitsu has a unique selling proposition of fingerprint recognition, the wireless connections of the laptop tend to fail sometimes. However, its excellent display has been attracting many customers making the product known in the global market (Roseberry, 2009). Apparently, Asus gets the highest rate in terms of price and performance while Fujitsu ranks the lowest among the eight brands. This positioning map wad made based on prices and perceived performances of each product. Read about positioning of Nike

Some brands may appear on the highest part of the other brand names but the location of the brand still reveals its performance. Through the use of positioning map, the marketers will have an idea on the perceptions of the customers and the position of the products in the market. Moreover, the marketers may also develop new marketing techniques to reach the level of the competitors in the highest rank. This map represents the position of the laptop brands in the global market, while some of it remain on its position in the future, some may be able to get the highest rate and be ahead of the competition.


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