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POS system

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Helene Hernandez (College Instructor) (College College Instructor) Instructor) General Problem: Mister Boron's Fast Food is having difficulty in manually dealing with the customers in terms of ordering, payments, generating reports and maintaining their inventory. Specific Problems: 1 . Is the cashier easily and accurately computes the bills especially when dealing with huge number of customers? 2. And how long did employees check their stocks? 3. Does Mister Boron's Fast Food provides official receipt to customers? 4.

Are their sales report accurate? . How do the customers wait for their orders? General Objective To provide a system that will automate the process in dealing with the customers in terms of ordering, payments, generating reports and maintaining their inventory. Specific Objectives 1 . To provide a system that will make the computation of bills faster and more accurate. 2. To provide a system that will allow the customers to have a receipt in every transaction. 3. To provide a system that will maintain the inventory easier and faster. . To provide a database that will store records for generating reports. 5. To provide a queuing management that will help customers. Features 1 . The system will notify if the stocks are insufficient. 2. Easy to use interface for the cashier. 3. The system can be easily updated when there are changes in the price of the meals. 4. The system will provide accurate weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports of sales. 5. Easily update the menu. 6. It shows the time started and time ended of the cashier. 7.

Admit, manager, cashier and owner will have their own accounts and privileges 8. A separate monitor will show the queuing of costumers 9. It will provide a receipt with the name of the cashier, time and date of transaction, queue number and Official Receipt (O. R. ) number. 10. The cashier will have a touch screen monitor to easily input orders. 11. Receipts will be given right after the transaction using a POS printer 12. A monitor inside the kitchen will show the queue numbers with the orders of the customers to know which order they will prioritize.

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POS system

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