Work Efficiency And Employee Efficiency

Last Updated: 09 Feb 2023
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Nowadays, at the age of technological advancement and globalization, to remain standing in this competitive market is very challenging to all organizations. As employers, we need to know that to do our business to be continued to grow and develop, the most essential thing is we have to promote the employees' motivation because they are one of the most vital sources of the business. The work performance and efficiency of the employees are so much effect on the success of the business. The work performance and efficiency of the employees are also related to employees' motivation because if employees are getting enough satisfaction in their job, the productivity of their performance and abilities will also be high.

As the consequence, the quality of the services they give to the customers will also be qualified. Therefore, employee motivation is involved in one of the important needs of all business organizations in this competitive world. People are working for various reasons. Some people work because they love their work, some work for money, for personal needs, for families, and other people work for their professional and others work to accomplish their personal goals which make them feel they contribute to the good use of society. As business owners, we need not only to promote our organization’s sales and production but also to motivate employees to get job satisfaction and to succeed in their individual tasks and work. If employees are more happy and achieve the short-term target points in a daily work,I am sure that we will achieve our organization’s goals urgently.

Knowing how to make more money for our business is very good but if we know how to motivate employees in the right and effective way is more better. Having qualified employees in a right place and right time is not enough to remain standing in a competitive world. Therefore, to remain to stand and to become giants in the competitive world, employers and organizations need to know how to motivate people to work more. When we observe needs of humans, we cannot avoid Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Model. In Maslow's Model, the following needs are involved.

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