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Without proper management, it is easy for employees to slack off and they may lose their sight of the company goal. If we look at Herbage's two factor theory, you can see that Oxford Insurance Services is lacking some factors that are Important In Job satisfaction and motivation In employees.

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Oxford Insurance

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. It doesn't seem as though there are specific numbers that are set for each person, rather, just numbers that the company as a whole need to make.

They could have dad specific attainable goals for each broker so they all have something specific to work towards. Stuart could have also came up with competitions within the group with rewards, such as a bonus. The only reward that they had was casual Friday. Although this is a step, there is not much incentive for the brokers to work hard. Many of the emails started with bad news and letting everyone know that they are not reaching their goal, this is news and information that they are probably already away of.

This sets the mood for the rest of the email. Some of the e-mails were also very short and seemed Impersonal, such as the ones to Mary. It states that Mary Is the type of person who appreciates going straight to business but the emails from Stuart is highly motivating. You don't get the sense that Stuart really cares about her. When she was doing well, Stuart emailed her telling her that she had a good month and that she would not hear from him about that for another 90 days. This does not give her any incentive to continue to work hard.

If we fast forward to September when the numbers were falling short, Mary receives an email from Michael telling her that the holiday weekend is over and that she needs to start paying attention to the numbers. We thought this e-mail seemed very rude and disrespectful. Respect Is very important in motivation and If Mary does not feel that she is receiving the respect she deserves then that will show In her work. It also doesn't help the situation that Michael Is half the age of Mary. In Broom's expectancy theory, It states that people will behave a certain way because they think it will lead them to a desired outcome.

Stuart and Michael is not giving the Question 2. The case suggests that Mary feels De-energize. Why might that be? Mary was lacking motivation because she was not getting the desired support from ere team. She felt that the staff was not very customer focused whereas she wanted to build good and trustworthy relationships with her customers by providing them better services. Also, there were personality and age differences between Mary and her clerical staff that had a negative impact on their teamwork. Another reason why Mary felt De-energize was because of differences in motivational value.

It can be inferred from the case that Mary had a high focus on extrinsic value of motivation. She Joined Oxfords because of high raise and a promise to achieve self-actualization. However, through all the motivational memos, it is evident that rewards were mostly non-monetary benefits. Employees were either praised verbally or would have a chance to wear casual clothes on Friday. There were hardly any incentives like performance-based bonuses etc. Moreover, Mary felt that Stuart was very aggressive with achieving the targeted numbers and was not giving her enough free hands to accomplish her goal of having repeat customers by building trust. . How else might Stuart and Michael foster motivation among the 0. 1. S. Brokers? Identifying and determining ways to motivate employees is vital to every business. A motivated employee in a workplace defines a highly productive staff that will help achieve common goals and objectives of the business. While not every employee will be able to get motivated by similar things, hence, Stuart and Michael should first develop a motivational strategy that includes understanding the difference of what motivates their employees.

It is key essential to determine what really drives the majority of their employees so that the company can reach the highest performance. This motivational employee strategy must also include the process of developing orgasm that will eventually motivate employees greatly while also retain the best employee of the business. Therefore, Stuart and Michael can apply the relationship between Measles Need Hierarchy and Herrings Two-Factor Theory.

Moscow postulated that every single individual has five basic needs that constitutes the most basic need to the highest needs that will enable managers to understand the value of their employee satisfaction level of motivation. Although it seems that 0. 1. S brokers express self-actualization and esteem regularly, it would be more effective for Stuart and Michael to constantly provide training sessions that will rate more rooms for on-going development for self-actualization. In addition, it is always better for Stuart and Michael to not Just boost their employees self-esteem by email, buttoner of a direct approach of face-to-face.

A direct approach like lunch or dinner invitation may result in a very effective way as a sense of distinct recognition. Not only that it will establish stronger relationship by interaction and affiliating with colleagues, but this may also offer a sense of "belongingness" within the company. It is very interesting to notice that Mary had been the only one who receive the most or at least direct encouragement. However, it would be helpful if Stuart and Michael discouragement from other employees in accordance to the given task.

In terms of giving instructions and motivational messages, this may appear confusing and repetitive on the e-mail, thus, supervision division between Stuart and Michael can be differentiated so that all employees understand and fully aware on instructions. Therefore, it is very important to define a better structure of communication in assigning tasks for their employees with detailed measurement of key performance indicator. This will be very effective for every employees to keep up with their course f action achieve the target and allowing themselves to measure their own accountability or work progress.

This key performance indicator (KIP) may also leads to reward systems or individual incentives as described in Herrings Two-Factory Theory under Hygiene Factor on salary. This incentives and reward system should also be diversified all across department without any differences. All age groups should receive equal value from this incentives and rewards

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