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Organizational chart

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The company AirportConnection has been in business for over 20 years. Its goal is to provide quality limousine service at an affordable cost in order to simplify the lives of those whose work is hectic. The company aims to be professional in every aspect, and toward that end guarantees on-time service within the area it services. It services the Ronald Reagan Washington International Airport and Dulles International Airport, as well as several city locations within Virginia. It also offers connections to other cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Richmond and Baltimore.

They offer limousines of all types and sizes and that can handle different types of terrain. Their fleet ranges from three-passenger sedans to 20-passenger Hummers. The company is committed to expanding beyond the city limits, as is evident through its offering of connections to other cities. AirportConnection is a small company based in Silver Spring, Maryland. The structure of the organization was divided into three sections: financial, marketing, and human resource management.

Each department has its own mission, but one that is in keeping with the overall mission of the company, which is to provide luxurious and affordable service to working people. The role of the information technology intern in the company was relevant to the marketing and sales department. The World Wide Web is widely considered to be one of the most active and potentially rewarding marketplaces in existence. The company’s website is therefore considered a powerful marketing tool.

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Organizational chart

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It is often the first impression that prospective customers have of the company, and it should reflect the professionalism and ease-of-use that the company would like to project as an integral part of its image. In keeping with this, its website provides a way for distant customers to contact representatives—from any city in the country (or world) that they happen to be located. Convenience is a large part of the mission of AirportConnection, and for this reason the company hired a technology intern to update the website and their database. The website needed to be simplified in order to promote more ease of use.

It was also necessary to create a more complete link between the website and the company’s data storage systems. The nature of the position was to provide assistance with the electronic gathering, sorting, and entry of data into their system in order to facilitate the accuracy and on-time service that they guarantee their customers. Reservation data from the website and other areas (such as phone orders) had to be transcribed and formatted for easy retrieval. The data was alphanumeric and needed to be posted, logged, or otherwise recorded and updated.

The database (Limo Anywhere 3. 1) training included an overview of the pages dedicated to the different categories of information that could be contained in the Limo Anywhere 3. 1 database. A lot of the training was done on managing the customers’ accounts. The pages dedicated to this contained information about the customer’s account balance, booking history, payment preferences, discounts, and preferred drivers. I was allowed to navigate through these fields, and learned how to create and retrieve information from incident logs, etc.

I was also trained in tracking information about flight arrivals, departures, and other general status information. A lot of my training came also from the books I read during that period, for example Start your own limousine service, New customer development program, and The business plan for your limousine service. The first two of these books was very informative in the area of conducting market research (p. 17), and some of the information I was able to use when creating the Google Adwords advertising campaign.

Though it was not possible to conduct primary research, I was able to use the internet to conduct some very valuable secondary research. Looking at the way other limousines companies were behaving and the types of customers they were targeting helped me in re-designing the website. It is also important to note that AirportConnection had already done a significant amount of market research on its own. Access to the reports, etc. also helped me gain ideas on how to fashion the website. The books also contained some valuable information on how, why, and when to update websites and what to include on them (Start your own, p. 38).

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