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Humans first sustained themselves as hunters & gatherers ; Hunters were responsible for killing and capturing animal and using their hung t for food, clothing, or tools; Gatherers were learned how to tell which plants or fruits we re edible ; Early technology consisted of shaping stones into tools and weapons for hunt ; Mostly nomadic societies that had a migration pattern depending on the movement of game and/ or the seasonal growth of plants Major Migrations: 1.

East Africa-. Australia-. Middle East-?. Europe-. Asia 2. Asia AL and Bridge) *The Americas The Neolithic Revolution: The Revolution- ; In 8000 B. C. E. Human beings began to develop settled communities Settling was based on successful cultivation of crops and domestication of ann. malls ; the revolution itself occurred independently , in various locations, over a large time period Each agricultural hearth developed different farming practices that worked WI the their own land features Revolution Outcomes: 1.

There was more constant food supply now that people started controlling food production and animal domestication. . With greater availability and easier access to food sources, much more people were able to eat. This resulted in longer life ps, and an I increasing population 3. Specialized jobs such as priests, traders, and builders are created considering not everyone is needed for food production 4.

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Women became responsible for raising children, cooking and cleaning while men controlled agricultural production and worked. This resulted into patriarchal systems , where males became dominant in family life, the economy, and the government. 5. Settled peoples considered themselves superior when compared to the remain inning hunters and gatherers, creating social distinctions between the two groups.

Vegetative Planting-? ; first form of plant cultivation (according to Carl Saucer) ; plants are produced from direct cloning by cutting stems & dividing roots ; originated in Southeast Asia ; settled people participated in a lot of fishing and hunting ; first domesticated plants/crops include taro, yam, banana, and palm ; first domesticated animals were most likely dogs, pigs, and chickens ; other vegetative planting hearths were West Africa and Northwestern South A America Vegetative planting Diffusion from Southeast Asia:

Seed Agriculture-? Eastern Hemisphere: Carl Saucer identified 3 hearths which included western India, northern China, and Ethiopia In SW Asia, wheat & barley were domesticated, along with cattle, sheep, & ago TTS ; Herding animals were used for plowing, meat, skins, and milk ; Millet diffused from the northern China hearth ; Both millet and sorghum were domesticated in Ethiopia Diffusion of in Eastern Hemisphere: 1. SW Asia *Europe *North Africa *India *Indus River Valley 2.

NW China ;South Asia -9 SE Asia Western Hemisphere: ; Two identified hearths: southern Mexico & northern Peru Mexico was the origin point for squash and corn (maize) ; Per was the origin point for beans, cotton, and squash ; The Europeans coming to the Western Hemisphere in the 1 5th century create d widespread diffusion in agriculture Innovations: Irrigation allowed water to be channeled to fields ; Fields were plowed to loosen soil Fences kept animals from entering agricultural fields.

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