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The contributing factors that I found were caused for the rise of racism are “the exploitation relations that Europeans established with the peoples they conquered”, “an opposition between the colors white and black as cultural symbols was deeply rooted In European culture”, and “the Invention and diffusion of the concept of race Itself. ” Today racism Isn’t that big of a deal Like It was back In the colonial era, but It still can show up out of nowhere. We don’t have separate water fountains, we don’t make African Americans sit in the back of the bus, and we don’t have laws prohibiting hem on what they can and can’t do.

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A lot has changed from then and now and it’s for the better. As we think back on how we treated African Americans I think most people can say how wrong and selfish we were. To bass some ones social status on the color of their skin is not right to any degree and the world has grown from the mistakes that happened. For my major, criminal Justice, I will deal with many situations where someone will call me racist. It’s not something that will go away because sometimes African Americans rely on It to get a point across or blame what happened on you In anyway necessary.

There was a time where whites believed having black was symbolic for evil. They didn’t think It was right to be a different color and wanted to blame all the wrong doings or plagues on the blacks. This resulted in the formation of the UK Klux Klan where they took African American’s from their homes and hung them. They didn’t have to do anything wrong per say, the whites Just believed being black was wrong. The whites wanted to make African American’s feel fear so they made rules they had to follow so they “kept them in line” in a way. Racism doesn’t Just focus on African Americans, it can connect with Asians, and Mexicans.

Racism has exists for thousands of years and I feel it will never disappear because of how parents raise their children to believe what they were taught growing up. Parents telling their kids that blacks are bad and they always get into trouble Isn’t something you want to teach them. Everyone Is different and Like some say “you can’t Judge a book by Its cover”. I also don’t feel Its right to tell your kids that the police are bad people who just want to hurt you. That’s not true at all so to tell your kids straight if the bat that things are set this way and you should follow this, wont help them have an open mind.

Immigration is always a big deal with the whole process to become a U. S. Citizen. Immigrants are viewed as people coming to steal their jobs because the Jobs that they usually go for are minimum wage and no benefits. It’s usually Mexicans who come into the U. S. And find low paying Jobs and they usually work very hard for the little money they make. Like I said before, police officers have to deal with being called a racist almost every day because they have to use force or arrest someone for a warrant.

Having to e that guy to put up with It Is harder because even though you’ve gone through It so many times and Just want to say “I’m not racist” Just wont cut It. Police officers are doing their job and if you happen to be African American or Asian then that’s the way Being young and going to school as the only African American can be tough for some if their parents taught them blacks are bad like in the colonial days. It can also be because of the area you live in, such as more whites to blacks. The way people view each other and Judge the way they look will never change, but there’s always something you can do to stop it.