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Body Language. It has been said that actions speak louder than words, but, what exactly is body language? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as: "The gestures, movements, and, mannerisms by which a person or animal communicates with others. So, now knowing this definition the phrase "Actions speak louder than words " starts to make a lot more sense. Even though our body language does not reveal all our innermost thoughts and feelings, it does not mean it is to be ignored. It plays a key role in human communication.

Body language simply is communication without words. Therefore it is non-verbal communication. It is the body’s natural language. Over half of our whole message is communicated through our body language. Our verbal message communicated in a conversation is nothing compared to nonverbal message. Your words may sound genuine and you may think your a good liar, but if you have poor body language your conveyor will know right away you are not being genuine. Most body language messages are sent through our face and gestures.

On our face, the way the corners of our mouth wrinkle up or down show whether we are happy or sad, how are forehead creases when we are angry, or how are eyes wrinkle when we laugh genuinely are all conveyors of certain messages. The face and the eyes many meanings and can be recognized or decoded easily. Facial expressions are a very important part of communication because they convey the inner workings of emotion. It is widely used by nearly everyone, when trying to strengthen a particular idea or meaning.

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Some people might not even know they are using it. Body language can be both intended and accidental. That being said our body laguage can contradict wat our verbal or intended message was meant to be. Messages can be passed between people, without any communication being needed. Words are not needed, as the body movements are a language itself, which tells the whole story. It is also used as a form of flirtation between couples, and also is a road people may take to get what they want.

Knowing how to read body language is a useful communication skill, so is knowing how to use it. Facial expressions and body language can help give clues as to what people are thinking. We make constant movements every second of the day without realizing it. Trying to read facial expressions can be very hard, because they are so quick. Body language, on the other hand, is more easily read. We are taught some very obvious types of body language, like that someone is lying when they will not look you in the eye, but there are many ore than that.

Watching people from a distance, you can usually determine how they feel about each other, whether they are friends, family, or just plain strangers. Body language is something we see everyday that helps us to communicate without words. Body language plays a huge part in many areas of the work industry. One example of this is in the Hospitality industry, especially in a bar, restaurant and hotel environment while serving and helping customers and patrons.

Another example of body language in a workplace is the type of attitude you may display when being spoken to by a higher ranked individual in any branch of the armed services. Be it Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Gaurd. Let's take the Army for a more specific example. In the Army we have a specific set of rules written in what are known as Army Regulations, and in these regulations it is outlined that we must show our military superiors the utmost respect and follow every one of their lawful orders without question.

As i said previously people may express certain non-verbal gestures without meaning to or even without knowing they did. So, for example when a soldiers mind is occupied with other tasks at hand or just not paying attention a much higher ranked individual could make an on the spot correction to the soldier and the soldier being preoccupied could accidentally shrug it off and show disrespect without meaning to. Now, with that being said, that is by no means an excuse to disrespect a senior enlisted Non-commisioned officer.

It is the soldiers duty to correct himself so that another higher ranked individual does not have to stop wat he is doing, such as getting briefed or attending an important huddle and correct the soldier on something as petty and easily avoidable as not wearing his patrol cap outdoors. which is clearly required under army regulation 670-1. Body language in the Army is a very important thing indeed. If you are not careful your accidental gestures can show a great deal of disrespect. ven theings as little as turning away from someone too early or not turning around to acknowldge someone fast enough can be taken in a disrespectful manner. Appearance is another important aspect body language. We use our bodies continuously to send messages and reinforce anything communicated earlier. The way we dress is very important in effectively communicating. For example, if we someone at a formal event wearing jeans it can send out many mixed messages. For a punk rock star it might say ‘I do not care’ maybe in a good way but for the marketing manager of a firm it might say ‘I do not care’ in a bad way.

Clothes are only one aspect of how we dress. Body piercing, excessive or minimal use of perfume, general body odor, and how we wear makeup also give out messages. So in conclusion, non-verbal communication or body laguage is a very important part of our everyday communication and human interaction. It has a huge impact on how we as people are percieved, and, without meaning to one of our habitual gestures, movements, or mannerisms can change the outcome of a conversation and greatly offend your listener. Be careful of your body language it can make or break a conversation.

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