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Muti-racial success in schools

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It is interesting to note the results of Grace Kao’s study of a multi-racial group of high school students with focused on how students from different races varied their measurement or definition of success. Individuals have set criteria, which over the years served as the standards in perceiving how one student can consider himself or herself successful. Students have classified their classmates belonging to different race and create mindsets based from physical differences like skin color and from natural origin or based from cultural characteristics.

Changing or modifying student’s perception on success will not be an easy thing. The educator must consider the existing perceptions, skills, and knowledge of the students in attempt to modify their meaning of success.

Every student must be encouraged to discover his or her potential and make use of it to the fullest. Academic institutions should have well rounded programs that will cater to and showcase the students’ unique abilities. In this manner, they will realize that being academically successful does not only pertain to passing a course, attaining high grades, receiving awards, or earning good jobs but more importantly, success is using potentials to their fullest and being satisfied with their performances.

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It must also be clear to them that an individual can be considered successful regardless of race or ethnicity. There should also be avenues for knowledge and skills sharing among multi-racial students. In this manner, they will develop appreciation of what they can offer and what others can share with them.  Healthy competition and respect for individuality must be consistently promoted.

There is nothing wrong with multi-racial students setting their own standards of success, but these perceptions should not limit them from being truly successful in life. The challenge for educators is how to create a learning atmosphere that can motivate students to do away with stereotyping based from race and ethnicity and to treat one’s self as a unique individual with a set goal in his or her academics to be successful.


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