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Millennium Travel Corporation

Essay Topic:

Millennium Travel Corporation (MTC) travel agency plans to become a market leader by augmenting its human travel agents with an automated travel agent system for processing flight reservations.The automated travel agent will intermediate between travelers and the MTC corporate computing system, which interfaces with commercial airline reservation services (e.g., SABRE).Like a human travel agent, it will assist travelers in booking, changing, and canceling flight reservations.

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If, for any reason, a traveler making a flight reservation travel request prefers human assistance, she will have the option to interact directly with a human travel agent.

The MTC automated travel agent system will process a wide range of flight reservation service requests. These include, but are not limited to:

•inquiring about flights and airfares, •making, changing, and canceling traveler profiles and accounts, •booking, changing, confirming, and canceling flight reservations, •generating travel itineraries.

Service Request Transaction

A user with a valid system account and a valid travel account logs in to the system, requests to book a flight reservation, selects a flight, selects a payment method, and specifies delivery services for the flight tickets and travel itineraries. The system will accommodate both individual and corporate traveler accounts for domestic and international flight reservation travel requests.

System Requirements

The travel agent system must be capable of providing fast, accurate, and courteous (“user friendly”) services for all requests supported. The system must be able to:

•answer inquiries about flights and fares, •generate, modify, and cancel traveler profiles and travel accounts, •make, change, complete, and cancel reservations, •obtain payment method and verify traveler credit line, •generate travel itineraries and arrange for delivery of flight tickets and flight itineraries. Types of ticket delivery services include: mail, courier, and airport pick-up; types of itinerary delivery services include mail, fax, e-mail.

Future Capabilities

While at first the system will specialize in ticketing airline reservations, in the future it is expected to be able to:

1)Make hotel and rental car reservations.

2)Issue “ticketless” reservations. For example, “ticketless” flight reservations will work as follows: travel agents making flight reservations will issue travelers confirmation numbers (and not a ticket). At the airline gate the traveler will show photo identification and the gate agent will locate the flight reservation and issue a boarding pass.

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