Migration from 1750-1900

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During the time between 1750 and 1900, there were a lot of changes happening in countries. This period of time was called the Industrial Revolution. In the Industrial Revolution, people were moving around a lot. People moved from one country to another hoping that they could find a better way to live life. There were also people who were forced to leave their country because of a crime. The main reason why people moved was because they wanted to find work. A lot of urbanization was happening in the Industrial Revolution, and this caused many people just moved from the countryside to growing industrial cities.

Others moved from Britain to another or from a different country into Britain. There was a big population increase due to the urbanization in Britain. Fast developing iron, coal and textile industries were creating new work. New work meant that more workers were needed, and so more people needed a place to live. However, during the 1830s and 1840, the number of people leaving Britain increased rapidly. These people moved for either the US or for parts of the British Empire. During these years, many people suffered from low wages and unemployment and high bread prices, which caused many people to starve.

In 1837, some poor people from the village of Besthorpe wrote a letter saying that they wanted to move out of Britain. The main reasons were starvation and poverty. They said that they knew things couldn’t be worse somewhere else, and that they couldn’t be worse off than they already were. The letter also said that there were farmers who were able to work, but couldn’t get employed. This showed that the cities were probably a bit over populated, and therefore, there were too many people to employ for work in factories.

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Despite the fact that people were moving out of Britain, there were still many people who decided to come to Britain, like the Jews and the Irish. The Great Irish Famine forced a lot of the Irish to leave. By 1851, over a million Irish people had emigrated to the US. There was so much going on during the time between 1750 and 1900, things were starting to develop quicker, and things were starting to change. When people moved from place to place, ideas were also spread around to different parts of the world. This is what made our world so well developed throughout these years.

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