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How the Rolling Stones Keep Rolling

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The rolling stones start in the year 1960, when two young guys began wrapping in the music world, these two young men were Mick Jagger and Keith Richard, the soul of Rolling Stones, the next year formed their own group called l'Little Boy Blue & Blue Boys in company of Jack Taylor. In 1962 came another member of the group named Brian Jones, at this time it was decided to rename the group as Rolling Stones, in the same year they released their first simple “Come on ", and the same year they began their first tour.

In 1964 The Rollings released their first album “The Rolling Stones”, this album was composed of a single song from the group and the rest were covers of songs known since they just spent to make versions of other artists, but the way they play the instruments and aggression they impose on the issues is what makes them unique. The experts devised a marketing strategy to publicize the group, wanted to make them look like the bad boys of pop / rock, something appealing to younger and if adapted as opposed to the Beatles, that could be considered the good guys.

In January 1965 released her second album, 'Rolling Stones 2', which took influences from black American music, primarily soul. In 1966 this group launches 'Aftermath', which were songs written by themselves, to give more creativity to your music and manage their own songs with his own style, this in order to stay in top of the music. This album was considered one of the best, because his creativity. In 1967 he released "Between The Buttoms', the album was on detention issues, to address issues of drugs in several songs, created a scandal that Jagger and Richards as participants of the band were in detention for Reverse and drug consumption.

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After the scandal of the previous album, The Rolling Stones decallendo followed, with the LP 'Their Satanic Magesties Request' took one of his greatest failures. Try to imitate the "Sgt Peppers' by the Beatles, but his followers were accused of following the style of another British group and thus ending his own style which had long been accepted by the youth society. In 1968 there is a new Rolling Stones album, entitled 'Beggars Banquet', which witnessed a return to the essence of the Rolling.

This album continued his aggressive issues that attract attention and released as the album cover a very sensual and struggles, but was not accepted by the company and for this reason it was censored. In 1969 Brian Jones was found dead in his home, victim of drugs. When Mick Taylor joined the group as a missing member. This was followed by the publication of a new album 'Let It Bleed', an ironic reply to 'Let it Be' by the Beatles so I just carried their rivalry among groups to draw more attention from fans.

This makes them hard to take the top of the rock world. In 1971 he edited 'Brown Sugar', the first with his own record label and 'Sticky Fingers', the first using a design by Andy Warhol of lips as a seal of the group. This latest album is considered one of the greats of the Rolling for quality instruments. By acquiring its own record label and be so successful, the Rolling Stones decided to purchase accounts in France, to avoid tax. In 1972 he published a double album 'Exile On Main Street', an album of great quality and very ambitious.

Claimed to be the gateway to a large U. S. tour and had to engage the audience. It was number one in England and USA. This growing group acquired more fame and more fans, they followed their creativity and made separate lists more albums, in 1973 published 'Goats Head Soup' and 1974 'It's Only Rock'n Roll', for whose promotion to the streets of London graffiti saying 'It's only rock and roll. It was the last album Mick Taylor in the band, which was replaced by Ron Wood. Also released a live album, 'Love You Live.

The decade of the eighties, the Rolling Stones signed a contract with CBS. With that, the Stones would receive several million dollars for each album released. Result of the agreement were records like 'Emotional Rescue', then 'Tattoo You' in 1981, 'Stiff Life' in 1982, 'Undercover' in 1983 and 'Dirty Work' in 1986, the album that raised the average quality of the decade was 'Steel Wheels', 1989, based on which a new world tour and a new live album based on that tour, "Flashpoint.

In 1990 he toured Japan and Europe, which were followed for more than two million spectators and generating revenues of about two hundred million dollars. In the following years, more doctors are still running as: 1994 Voodoo Lounge 'and a year' Rock And Roll Circus, recorded in 1968 and had never been published, in 1995 edited 'Stripped' and 1997 'Bridges To Babylon'. Finally, in 2005, a new Rolling Stones album, entitled 'A Bigger Bang. The title is inspired by the group’s popular fascination for the scientific theory about the origin of the universe.

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