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My Future Doing MBA

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I have a strong interest in pursuing a master of business administration (MBA) degree, as I believe it will be beneficial in helping me achieve my short term and long-term goals. It will make me competent enough to fit in the wider job market. This will come with increased income earning which is a key to good life. Good life or better living is everyone’s dream while advancing in one’s career and being no exceptional I want to pursue it for that cause.

I have a wealth of experience from my educational background. I have also gained work experience from different positions over the years the degree will improve my efficiency when combined with the qualities I already have.

I intend to take a major in marketing that I have been specializing in and a minor in entrepreneurship. I took a B.A Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. I graduated with a 3.5 in major and outstanding performance rendered me honors.

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Currently I am working within media advertising that comprises of television and radio. Pursuing this degree will equip me with the necessary expertise to be in the capacity of handling of handling issues appropriately especially at senior positions. Since my long term goal is to be president of a company. (

My other interest is researching brand management and the degree program will enrich me in skills needed in this area. I will be better placed with the ground information and the theoretical skills from the class. I have demonstrable ability to perform excellently in business classes and given the opportunity I would be outstanding in business school.

My main interest is in the entertainment industry of which I have a solid background on. In 2001 I worked for a small marketing and event-planning firm that has now advanced. My 3 years experience when working with Sony-BMG as an assistance field marketing representative gave me exposure to the world of marketing and is a plus to my skills.

I am proud to be part of the team that saw eWork Inc company grow from a small marketing and research to what the company is now. I was very influential especially on the Southeast region.

I handle more than 30 people in my current position the skills I would get will improve my leadership skills. Working in my current position entails conducting movie surveys as well as holding premiers for upcoming movies. I am part owner of a t-shirt company that deals with presidential candidate. This entails strategic. Marketing plans to succeed and hence calls for skills or tact. To gain maximum exposure we plan to participate in the famous Oprah Winfrey show.

My long-term goal of being a president of a T.V production company and being responsible for the marketing and company sponsorships will be well realized after attaining skills in the MBA program. (

I have constantly been involved in volunteering activities like in a mentor program that helps risk teens, AID Atlanta, hands on Atlanta and MS walk where I was among the top.

Taking classes in the spring will enable me to be well prepared in joining the business school. My main reasons for choosing University of D and Wayne state is that its location will reduce the distance barriers from my fiancé who has just moved to Detroit. They offer attractive placement rates and the small classes will offer a favorable or conducive environment for learning. It is also in a place where jobs will be easily accessible.


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