Why do people do what they love doing for their profession

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Why do people do what they love doing for their profession, rather than working at a job that will get them more money? Or why did people who get a lot of money from their job not follow their dream careers? Everyday men and women of all ages and aspirations start their paths on their future goals, life careers, and who they plan to be. But at what cost? Every day I see men and women choosing their careers. Careers that pay well.

And careers that re the most enjoyable and fulfilling but doses t pay the best. I don't go a day without thinking about my future and what it will have in Store for me. It always seems so easy at first. Just choose a career and off I go. But there remains the temptations, the regrets, that hole in your heart. That last missing puzzle piece that you don't know what it is or where to find it. The opinions and oppressions of others put me down and turn me away from my dream.

Then the friends and idols I have met or seen have raised me up in such a way like no others alike them could make me think as positive about my life as I think now. Since the age of 8 I've yearned to be an actor. On stage, in movies, in TV shows, in musicals, you name it. I've always wanted to express my god given emotions and share my talent with the world for all to see. When I was 8, I went with my school on a field trip to see a play. The production was Aladdin. The second saw the sets, the costumes and everything put together, I instantly dreamed to do that for the future.

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At this same time I had played baseball. I decided to do both musicals and baseball. Then that's when the regrets came. Everyone would tell me, "Why do musicals? Athletes get paid millions to play baseball, you're not making that much in musicals. Instantly right when had just decided on my career in life, I was already getting told that shouldn't do something that doesn't pay well. I was only 8. Had no real idea of the value of a dollar and still, what they said affected me.

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