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1. What is the origin of the word `magazine?

The etymology of the word ‘magazine’ goes back to Arabic mahazin from the word hazana, which meant to store, French magasin, which meant a storehouse, from Old French magazin (possibly via Old Italian magazzino). As we saw, in both cases the stem store was meant.[1]

2. Name 3 general interest magazines and 3 special interest magazines.

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General interest magazines are “Newsweek”, “People”, and “the Time”. For special interest magazines I would point out “Car and Driver”, “Science Magazine”, “Molecular Medicine”.

3. What is a muckraker? Name 2 and their most famous stories.

is an American English term for one who investigates and exposes issues of corruption that violate widely held values, such as political corruption, corporate crime, child labor, conditions in slums and prisons. The most important muckraker work was Ralf Nader’s Unsafe at Any Speed, which let to stop production of the Chevrolet Corvair in 1965. Wayne Barrett, investigative journalist, senior editor of the Village Voice; wrote on mystique and misdeeds in Rudy Giuliani's conduct as mayor of New York City, Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11 (2006).

4. What is 2nd class postage? Why is it so important to magazines?

Second class postage stamp is a low cost solution for the mailing service. It allows full compensation if the product is lost or damaged and allows delivering large magazine sized items, the last advantage is that by second class posting the magazines will be delivered in three days.[2]

5. Think of a particular segment of the mass audience that could be served by a magazine but doesn’t seem to be. Describe the audience and the sort of magazine that would appeal to this collection of readers. On a separate piece of paper, prepare a mock-up of the cover for your new magazine.

There is a massive need among people to “Mind the danger!” I would call my magazine in this way. This would be a magazine which warns people of different dangers in using, e.g. electricity, gas, vehicles, electrical equipment, all types of equipment, devices and materials that may be dangerous for a man, a child, anyone. I suppose that this segment, which is a huge segment and by its nature the magazine would be classified as a “general


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