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Influence of Social Networks, Magazines and Radio

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Facebook's ad portal is the most effective advertising platform in the world. It allows us to set our campaigns parameters to exactly who we want to see our promotions, this is why we will be using Facebook as our first form of advertisement. Some of the targeting options on Facebook's platform includes interests, location, age, and ethnicity and so on. Mobile advertising is important as smartphone penetration continues to increase According to TechCrunch, mobile internet usage passed desktop for the first time in 2016 and the gap continues to grow. Many people tend to break up their work day by glancing at their phones to check on their social medias, giving us access to our mobile audience. Facebook has over 1.74 billion users that use their app on a daily basis, and growing. Users of Facebook click through normally a number of times a day, giving a continued amount of exposure.

TV commercial

Especially targeting our older audience, cable TV is still very popular and is watched daily for millions of people. Online is helping to make TV a more efficient medium and this relationship will continue to increase with time. Viewers have become more accustomed to the shorter format in digital ad space, and the network is trying to reduce ad clutter in order to retain views. That being said, viewers are most likely to retain more information in a shorter and eye catching message over an advertisement that goes over a minute or longer.

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Instagram and Snapchat are extremely popular platforms currently. For ages from 18-40, 64% of U.S. adults use Instagram, every two decades the number decreases by 20%. To market towards our younger community, Instagram is a fantastic platform to use. As for Snapchat, nearly 30% of U.S. adults from ages 18-30 are regularly using Snapchat. Both Snapchat and Instagram are amazing platforms to advertise on. After every few posts, there is a space for ads that is eye catching and targeted towards likely consumers. Instagram is one of the most visual social media platforms that many people spend their time on, there is therefore an opportunity to use unique ad formats. Instagram is now a great platform to utilize as it is now possible to take full advantage of Instagram’s ad formats which include photos, videos, and stories.

Snapchat is now a very successful form of mobile video advertising. Its ads are shareable, interactive and are able to be targeted. Users can directly be a part of the ad and interact as well as share with their friends. Snapchat and Instagram are unique and very effective platforms to be utilizing in our campaign.


Advertising is one of the top five reasons of newspaper consumption. As for magazines, almost two-thirds of readers say they enjoy reading magazine ads, while more than half read their favorite print magazines specifically to gain information about new brands. Consumers trust and enjoy print advertising which is why print advertising will be our next step. At this time some consumers are fast-forwarding or bypassing advertising altogether, therefore print media is considered a destination for advertising. If our ad requires production changes, they can generally be made quickly. Ad design services are usually free. Also, magazines and other print media enjoy loyal audiences. Magazines may be kept around for a month or longer, which gives more exposure to our product. Newspaper advertising is a great way for us to reach our older audiences where they not only enjoy consuming but can take time from their day to read a familiar and classic platform of advertising.


If you are at home, on your way to work, a movie, etc., our advertisement will be playing through the radio. We will broadcast on channels that are most listened to by the target market in primarily Michigan. This will get our message across to thousands of people. Since utilizing the radio will be so effective, that will be our next form of advertisement. this platform, it opens the opportunity to create an auditory message that can be made to stick in heads through the use of sound effects, music, and jingles.


In order to reach all ages in our target market at once, we will be advertising on billboards, building signs, park and commuter benches, placing signs on buses, cabs and trucks, and sidewalk sandwich boards. Now no matter if they are on their way to school, the park, or going out of town, everyone in our target market will pass by one of our advertisements. Billboard advertising can have a significantly large reach on thousands of people depending on the location. By placing an ad on a commuter route, this increases the frequency for exposure on a regular basis.

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