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M3- How Sales Techniques and Good Customer Service Have Evolved in the Organization

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M3- how sales techniques and good customer service have evolved in the organization Sales techniques and good customer service have changed so much that customers are getting the right support they need with the product. In the last few years, Currys did not train its staff to a high level of standard but now it is expected that when a customer directly goes into a store, the staff will do their best to deliver good customer service using knowledge of what they already know about the product. Product knowledge is most essential in customer service as customers may need to know how a product will benefit them and the features it has.

Signage above each section is a valuable sales technique used by Currys which directs the customer to where the product is placed. Not only is this a simple method but ensures that customers are able to find the right product in the most convenient way. This particular strategy of Currys was recently invented and it has been an improvement to customer service now on from the previous years. Some new features have been provided at Currys like the ‘Playtables and improved merchandising’ for example, which gets customers into trying the product and help them make informed choices about what tends to be worth buying.

If customers would like to get in touch with a member of staff and discuss the complaints they may have, the Currys team of colleagues are its best in dealing with problems brilliantly. Before, the Automated System was not beneficial to customers as they had to leave a message and took time for them to respond quickly, so what Currys tends to do now is they recruit a set of colleagues and train them to use a service where responsibility is taken for the customer’s issue and they try to resolve the problem quickly.

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Price promise helps Curry’s to distinguish itself from their competitors; Comet, John Lewis, Argos, Staples, and Tesco. Other stores may have the same product, but Curry’s offer a 10% discount on their competitor’s price. Their tactic is to check what sort of prices different competitors may have and come up with the most unbeatable value to offer their customers with.

However, whilst in the last several years customers had not been given an option of price promise, now Curry’s is under pressure from online retailers so they have to make sure the cheapest products are provided online for the customers. Curry’s tend to install and repair the products which are broken or damaged and as far as I have seen from the customer’s side of the view through their complaints on the online review; it seems that there are both positive and negative remarks from customer towards their customer service.

One says that they had waited for a replacement of the product but the team told the customer that the part will not be in until 28 days. Whilst others thought the customer service was impressive with helpful staff to assist you with anything with the product itself. However, the team of colleagues may use the information provided by customers on the online review and make efficient improvements to the way sales techniques and good customer service was delivered in the last couple of years.

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