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Living Arrangement Contract

My philosophy of marriage yours and your significant others philosophy of marriage. This is my Philosophy on marriage. When I think of marriage I think of a special bond between two people.

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I believe marriage is a choice among the ones that have a mutual relationship and they want to show other people how much they care about each other. The two make a mutual decision to have a ceremony of some sort and have a government recognize there union and that they share almost every facet of their lives together. Marriage to me means that they will endure good times and bad times together while showing mutual respect towards each other.

My wife’s Philosophy on marriage. “Marriage, to me, is kind of lake taking a leap of faith. When you vow to love and be with the same person for the rest of your life, you’re putting the hopes and dreams and thoughts and feelings of two completely different lives and people into one. Finding a way to make it work isn’t always the easiest thing, but that’s where the teamwork rally starts. It about believing and knowing the other person will always be there for you; to hear you for, support you when you need it, and to pick you up when you think you’ve fallen for good.

Marriage is a partnership, a friendship, and a bond that takes a lot of work; but always reaps the best benefits and can reward you for the rest of your life if you care for it properly. ” My philosophy of love and my significant others philosophy of love. This is my Philosophy on love. Love is not just one dimensional. I think of love as being like a seven layer of chocolate cake. The top layer represents the most extreme case of love because it has the most chocolate of all the layers. In this case that would mean love set aside for my wife. Love to me is a feeling that is strong that it can supersede anything.

Love changes your feelings toward a person; whether it is for the right reasons or not. I have found someone so special to me that has made my feelings and emotions change for the better. Love also brings in the sensual side of me that I do not share with others. For one that would be gross and another bond with her is set apart from her and the others. (The cake in between the frosting) My philosophy of love towards my now wife of seven years is still there, and still burning strong inside me. I have seen how love has made me do things for her that I would not even slow down to think about anybody else for.

The next layer of the chocolate cake is still very tasty but doesn’t include the same taste and goes as far as the first layer with my wife. I can also extend that love to my children and my family, (another layer and my friends (another layer and so on…) that are very close to me. The love for my children are just as strong for my wife, but in a totally different way. I would do anything for my children as long as it will not make them into a bad person. For instance, I will not rob a bank for my child if they needed money, but I might inflict pain on someone who has hurt my two young daughters, all in the name of love for my children.

My wife’s Philosophy on love. “Love is something that can come in so many forms. It is shown in so many different ways and means different things to different people. When you love someone you don’t mind doing things you normally wouldn’t do if it makes the other person happy. Thinking of them and showing them affection should be second nature. You want to make them laughs; it warms your heart to see them smile. Love is something that is felt within but you find different little way to bring it out and share it. Love for your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, and together family members are all felt differently.

It’s up to you to show them what love for them is. ” How are you going to cope with or handle the following topics: Religion, vehicle responsibilities, spouse independence, personal independence, academic or occupational issues, intimacy, communication, money, social activities, rearing of children, and household responsibilities etc…? Religion is just another thing that is always there, but not necessarily in the fore front of what we think about on a daily basis. I for one am a spiritual person. I believe in a higher power, but I don’t believe in organized religion.

I understand why it is there and that most people in the world need it in their lives. I don’t have a problem with it and I am always willing to listen to any body about it as long as they aren’t trying to push it on me, and being over bearing. My wife on the other hand is Jewish and doesn’t practice like most do except around the bigger holiday’s, such as, Chanukah, pass over, etc… And we are both cool with that. In fact I kind of know more about here religion then she does. Coping with vehicle responsibilities is easy. I have my vehicles and she has hers.

We each pay for and maintain our own vehicles so there are no problems what so ever. We both share the driving responsibilities and it works out great. Coping with spouse independence can be tricky at times especially now that I am back in school. Sometimes she wants to go out and have girl’s night out, and I fully understand. But I have to ask her to limit herself so that I am not the only one to watch the kids all by I why doing school work all the time. I sometimes wish that I had more free time. My personal independence has changed a lot. I have to think about not just myself. Like when I was younger.

I have many responsibilities’ now; Wife, Children, Work, and School. I have always been good at taken care of myself when it is needed most. Coping with academic or occupati9onal issues has been a top priority on my list. I make sure that I take care of my work activities and do the right thing for my company and for myself in order to keep a job. It is extremely important now that the recession is still going on. That also ties into my academics. I try to do as well as I possibly can because I have found that if you want to do well in life you must make sure you get your education and do as well as possible.

Just getting by was my old way of life, and I have found that did not lead me to what I wanted in life. Intimacy has never been a problem for me. I have found someone that I care about and love. I am still very much able to be intimate with my wife. Communication has always been a trial and error thing with me. Over the years I have learned to listen to my wife and do what she says. By doing so I am saving a lot of grief. (Just kidding) I do try to listen to all points in any argument and then try to make the best decision possible.

That was a problem earlier in life where I might have let my ego take over and make a wrong choice because I wouldn’t know how to communicate. Coping with money, like must people can be trying. I work at handling my finances and try not to over spend from time to time. Social activities, in my life has, diminished mainly because I am so involved in with my immediate family, school, and work. There is not enough time in the day. Once I finish with school I should be able to be involved in social activities. Rearing of children has been difficult at times, but again it is another part of life and I think that I am doing well.

I do wish I could spend more time with them then I do, but I think they understand that I am doing it for them. Finally, coping with household responsibilities; like I have been saying this how time. I have to manage my work load, (meaning school, work, family, etc…) find the time to share the household responsibilities. Right now I have projects everywhere. I am building a tree house, remodeling a basement, building a fence. And so on and so on. When I have free time I try to work on something. I have become quite good at juggling.