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Li & Fung Introduction

Introduction: “Globalization”, the word everybody has heard of and which Is literally spread everywhere. Either In school, university or In the news. People are constantly discussing about this term and its consequences.

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But what does globalization actually mean? There are thousands of deflations and It Is hard to find one which covers all areas of globalization. In short words Globalization considers the process of the world becoming more and more interdependent and linked concerning politics, economy, environment and technology. It is not possible anymore to see our economy as a single unit.

Instead the whole world is connected and linked through cash or trading flows or commodities that are being shipped for instance from Hong Kong to the US. This process has significantly influenced multinational companies and their strategic development in order to gain more wealth and growth from an international point of view. In the following assignment I am going to analyses the internationalization strategy of Lie & Fun, a Hong Kong based multinational company which targets on a unique supply- chain management system and also covers logistics.

We span a range of such as toys, home furnishings, sporting goods, footwear, and health and beauty products. Our services cover all aspects of the supply chain from product design, raw material sourcing and production management to quality control, logistics, and shipping. We operate one of the world’s most extensive global networks across our trading and logistics businesses. More than 28,000 colleagues work across some 300 offices and distribution centers in more than 40 different markets. We have access to a sourcing network encompassing over 1 5,000 suppliers around the world.

The Trading business provides sourcing services to retailers, brand owners and wholesalers to support their brands on both an agency (commission margin) and a principal (product margin) basis. It also offers design and products to retailers on a wholesale basis. The Logistics business is a leading player for logistics in distinct verticals across Greater China and Southeast Asia, and interacts with our trading business to provide comprehensive in-country logistics solutions and international freight forwarding services. )