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Labor and Employment Law

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It is the law, which provide legal right, restrictions and control on the workers working at the working place in the organization. The employment law was designed to protect the interest of the workers.

Almost all the countries and International Labor Organization prepared it to keep the labors in equal position with the society. It is prepared on the different aspects of labors such as their working place, minimum wage, working time, health and safety, workplace environment etc.

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Labor and Employment Law

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Labor and Employment Law, 12th Edition was wrote by the famous labor arbitrator containing chapters on pay equity and age discrimination, disability discrimination ad worker’s compensation laws ad employee privacy.

The National Labor Relation Board is designed to provide right to the private sector employees to form their labor union and bargain collectively over wages, hours and working conditions.

The NRLB also provide right to an employer to voluntarily recognize a union when card is presented with the sign of majority of the employees. The employer is authorized to enter into card check agreement with union before collection of signatures. It is mandatory required on the part of employer to assemble signatures from more than majority of bargaining unit employees.

The third party may check the authorization cards to judge the limits of the members as provided I the NRLA act. The Board may order to an employer to bargain with union, even when the   union lost secret ballot election.

Therefore, from the above points it is clear that card check agreement is replacing the ballot election because it is more economical, more transparent etc. because conduction of secret ballot election is more private affair and confidential and  create more pressure o the employees. I the nutshell, card check recognition may reduce earning inequality, whereas mandatory secret ballot elections may increase it.


Referred to sites: Employment law Labor union recognition procedures: use of secret ballots and cards checks.

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