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Employment and labor scenarios

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Prospective Risk Management Identify and describe strategies you could adopt to limit legal risk in this area in the future. Be prepared to address any questions the committee may have. Identify and describe strategies you could adopt to limit legal risk in this area in the future. Hiring panel/ interview panel Suggest a hiring panel or an interview panel. To minimize the possibility of such a scenario happening In the future, a strategy just be developed that requires the Involvement of several relevant resources.

These resources Include the human resources department and other managers. Communication, education, and reporting must be Integrated In a plan that successfully nameless the chance of recurrence. We suggest a hiring panel that consist of a human resource manager, hiring supervisor, recruiter, and departmental representative. These members will make up a hiring panel that spread the responsibility of ethics in making hiring decisions. Human resource review Recommend human resources review all hiring decisions before they are final.

Require documentation regarding hiring rationale Suggest that documentation be required explaining rationale for all decisions. A decision to hire or not hire a candidate should be based on qualifications and attributes that are attractive to the hiring organization. Managers make sound decisions in their hiring choice should be able to document rationale. This may materialize as a standard document consistent throughout the organization or as a aroma correspondence supporting the hire of a candidate among the hiring panel.

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This type of documentation may also serve as a tool to defend an organization or manager in cases like scenario C. Continuing education Promote frequent education of best hiring practices and enforceable laws. The goal of continuing education on hiring practices within the organization is meant to ensure that all affected personnel are aware of best practices, current trends, and laws relevant to hiring. Education should Include the Call Rights Act, delimitation scenarios, and related call cases.

It Is suggested here that organizations use computer training modules to update and refresh members of the organization on a departments in staff meetings. There should be a way to account for the comprehension of education material. Methods include post educational tests from computer models and statements of attendance and understanding in meetings. Apply the four principles of ethics to hiring practices. Suggestions: Have mediators or arbitrators ready for situations like this.

Employment and labor scenarios essay

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