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Introduction to counselling

Essay Topic:

Counseling Skills Day one was one of nerves mixed with anticipation. I already told myself not to have an expectation Just to turn up openly and approach the course as I progress. The Introduction was as expected, Mrs../Miss Rachel Ellis, our tutor introduces herself then explain her she will like us to get to know each other for 10 minutes then talk about the person who Just told you about them self. We were sat in a semi-circle awards the front of the class.

It was a matter of Just the person next to you In an anta-clock wise manner.

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Sitting to my right was fellow student Citrine (CIA) happily married, two kids, employed and was on the course as a matter of exploring. As Citrine and I were the two last persons to Introduce each other, we had the opportunity to listen and establish what background the other students/landfalls and possible the “driving force” behind the course. As expected It was a diverse, In seasons and profession, and this for me was a really good thing within.

Although the reasoning was diverse due to the diversity of employment, not until the end I realize the goals were common. Everyone just wanted to reach out to others in some way. This was made clear through communicating and relating to other members of the group conducting various exercises. Mainly, the points of reflection study/discussion sessions. With all this said a few of the fundamental things I were reminded of/ earn of today was the important aspects confidentiality issues, especially in the training group.

In addition I’m able to recognize the importance of building a relationship with others within our group. With these two, other members will be more expressive (openness) and therefore there will be more rewarding for all concerns. Finally, I can apply the study skills to reflect on my learning.

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