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Instant Noodles

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Instant noodles are very popular and frequently consumed by most people today. However, most buyers are clueless as to the damages these products inflict on their bodies. By investigating the most famous brands of instant noodles here in China, we will be able to accurately find out the “most healthy” brand of instant noodles based on its oil content. By doing so, we will be able to prevent the numerous health problems that have occured from these products from arising again. Furthermore, the limited brands of noodles also hinder us from having a wider analysis on the topic. Related Literature From the time Momofuku Ando developed the first instant noodles, they have dominated the noodle industry, and its effects can still be seen today. Their main customers are the college students and other people who are always on the go, people who do not have time to cook breakfast, or people who are lazy to. Furthermore, according to english. ndtv. com there have been high amounts of plasticizers in instant noodles in China.

The process of making the noodles is what affects the water absorbency of the noodles. In fact according to Beijing time progress technology development co. LTD. , instant noodles are made out of a variety of doughs, which are formed to make noodles, cooked, then deep-fried in oil. They are then put through air knives, which does not however, remove all the oil. This is why instant noodles contain such high amounts of oil, which causes kidney stones, and prevents it from absorbing water.

Oil is not the only unhealthy material in instant noodles. In fact according to Dr. Edmond Lee, instant noodles also contain high amounts of carbohydrates, sodium, MSG, and saturated fat. This is why we test the noodles for its water absorbency, because it is one of the factors that will show whether or not an instant noodle product is high in terms of oil-content. This is because oil and water do not mix when something is covered in oil water will not be able to pass through thus less water absorbency.

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We plan to test the water absorbency by drenching the noodles in water and measuring the amount of unabsorbed water left. By doing this we can help people choose the instant noodles with the least oil content, thus helping them prevent other sicknesses caused by the instant noodles, and helping them get as much nutrients as they can obtain. Furthermore, the community will be more informed as to the best brand of instant noodles with the assistance of this study.

Instant Noodles essay

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