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How to Set Up a Marketing Plan

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The objective is to open a youth complex facility which targets youth development in a country in the Horn of Africa following the market strategies specified in this plan.

Target Market Product demographics

All local schools and universities in the capital city of Hargeisa, local newspapers in the capital city, Somaliland TV, Horn Cable TV, Universal TV (The three major local TV networks in Somaliland), Flyers around every major business in the city, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

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Target contact demographics

  1. Meet with the three major Somaliland TV networks to promote the new complex and benefits for youth joining as members.
  2. Flyers all around the capital city of Hargeisa at schools, universities, Major Businesses, and transportation centers.
  3. Advertise on major Somaliland news websites as an ad.
  4. Advertise in the local major newspapers, try to get front page appearance.
  5.  Create Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts to update news and information about the complex, take advantage of all social network feedback tools to see feedback. For examples likes, comments, tweets, and shares.
  6. Discuss the new facility on the Somaliland National Radio.
  7. Try to get in touch with the information ministry of the country to get an emailing list of all the youth enrolled in their system.

Message Summary

The Somaliland Policy and Reconstruction Institute (SOPRI) is an independent professional organization founded in Los Angeles, California in 1992 by a group of concerned Somali-Americans and Somalilanders who were deeply committed to help Somaliland. We will sponsor this Somaliland Youth Development Association to spearhead the high unemployment amongst the youth in the country and develop the youth everyday with community to make sure that the youth, regardless of background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in the country.

Call to action Desired outcome?

Sell – 50,000 memberships before opening day. Make the facility the new gathering spot for youth to not only offer enrichment programs for the youth but to help them avoid crime, drugs, and violence as well. What is the pull-through offer? Offer 500 free memberships through filling out a lottery online which we would email out to all the youth on the server as well post on all of our social media websites.

Process Development list

  1. Complete facility by Summer 2013
  2. Create Facebook, Twitter, YouTube accounts.
  3. Complete communication and deals between target contact demographics.
  4. Try to get a lot of government influence through our contact list.
  5. Reach out to tribal sultans to help them promote amongst the specific tribes in the city.
  6. Try to set up an assembly at local schools and universities discussing ways they can create jobs by meeting at the facility to tackle the high unemployment amongst the youth.
  7. Set up all interviews in the next few months.
  8. Start lottery process for free memberships a month prior to opening.

Pre – event follow up

Consistently following up with the development list and target contact demographics list to make sure we are on the right path.

Making sure we are gaining a lot of support throughout the capital city primarily the youth and parents of the youth. Also, daily check for feedback we might need to respond to via our social media websites.

Post – event follow up

Seeing if everything is going in the right direction and to see if everything was done and completed as planned. If we have time before opening possibly add more target demographics or make more appearances to broaden targets.

SWOT Analysis


  • SOPRI is a well-known and well established organization in Somaliland. We have the trust and support throughout the nation. SOPRI’S executive committee members and general members will strive to reach out to all target contacts that we already have a close relationship with for the most part.
  • Organization members will be working free of charge to help the make this facility a success.
  • The wide array of experience the members have will help make the process smooth.
  • SOPRI already has the capital to invest into the project from previous donations and fundraisers.
  • The Facility will enrich the youth.


  • This will be the first time we sponsor a project that requires building a facility. Balancing time to contact the workers and organization members on the ground since time difference is 8 hours.
  • Lack of experience in this field.


  • If successful, it will become the first official youth complex in the country.
  • It will help build the esteem of the organization by tackling high employment rates, creating jobs, and enriching the youth.
  • It will be a location where the youth of country could meet and hold events.
  • It will build loyalty for us in the future for other business ventures to the same caliber.


  • Local indoor soccer stadiums.
  • Local gyms.
  • Local event halls.

Project Plan

EVENT| CO-ORDINATOR| ESTIMATED WORK HOURS| Contact local newspapers| SOPRI members on ground| 5| Contact local TV networks| SOPRI members on ground| 1 week| Contact local schools and universities| SOPRI members on ground| 1 week| Create and manage social media| SOPRI Executive Committee| Continuously| Flyer creation and distribution| SOPRI members on ground| 2 months| Contact Somaliland news websites for advertisements| SOPRI Executive Committee| 5 ays| Manage entire marketing campaign| Issaq| Continuously|


The goal is to have our memberships ready and easily available to students both in K-12 and universities. Memberships will be sold all over the city at every major business office as well as every school district and university. We will also have a website where students could buy it online. The memberships will be available all over Somalilands capital city Hargeisa. Which would make accessibility and exposure a lot easier.

There will be 5 mediums of marketing for this facility(press, social media, flyers, emails and television) guaranteeing great exposure and accessibility so that we could capture and gain as many members as possible.

Marketing Function and Costs

Medium| Base Cost| Duration| Total| Somaliland News websites| 0| Continuous| 0| Somaliland Newspapers| 0| Continuous| 0 | Facebook| 0| 0| 0| Twitter| 0| 0| 0| Somaliland TV networks| 0| 0| 0| *Since it’s for a good cause for the nations development a lot of our target contacts agreed for it to be free of charge until the project is completed.

Metrics and Expectations

  • To gain as many members as possible to help reduce unemployment rates, drug use, and crime in the city.
  • To enrich the youth through sports, events, tutoring, and gatherings.
  • To help the youth come together to build business plans of needs throughout the nation so we could then try to sell their ideas to the major corporations and business owners for funding.
  • Using SOPRI’s existing relationships to make this project a success.
  • Secure all outlets on our target contact demographics list to successfully reach our market plan strategies.
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