How to Make an Essay Longer?

Your task description says that you need to write minimum 1000 words, but you hardly managed to count 800 in your essay? Don’t panic; it is the most common student problem. There are lots of tips which will help to add more words in the writing paper and do this smartly. While someone tries to add parenthetical words, connections, rewrite the same information by using synonyms, it does enlarge the length, but the content of paper worsens. Fortunately, there are lots of tricks to make your paper longer and even improve its academic value.

Answer all questions

Most writing assignments include detailed task description. Teachers point out exact questions which should be answered and discussed in the essay. During the writing process, students may forget something paying attention only to the main topic. It is a good idea to reread questions and find out which of them are answered clearly. If you notice that some subtopics are not discussed enough, go to the passage which has its information and write more. Look if there is student’s favorite “provide examples” sentence. If not, you may still add instances because it makes the essay more explanatory.

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Return to the beginning

People start writing papers from introduction. However, during the process of writing, lots of new ideas appear and overall message changes. When you have finished the essay, go back to beginning and reread the introductory passage. Try to compare it with the ideas which you develop throughout the text. You will see that several sentences can be added and the reader will get a better understanding of the content from the very beginning.

Add different points of view

Each essay is based on the research. You add some information about different scientists, experts who made important statements on the topic. If you add more points of view expressed by professionals, it will only make the research more solid. It doesn’t require lots of time and effort. Simply google the information online, paraphrase the author’s words, and include the source in the reference list.

Give your viewpoints

When you have addressed somebody’s ideas, try to evaluate them yourself. Personal points of view can’t be incorrect, so you kill two birds with one stone: lengthen an essay and show the teachers that you can be critical. Don’t forget to mention that these are your thoughts so that the readers will understand who makes new statements.

Add direct and indirect quotations

When you write about somebody’s ideas, it would be great to insert real proofs. Quotations are perfect in enlarging the word count, and you won’t need lots of time to do this. But don’t use lots of direct citations. Otherwise, you risk getting high plagiarism rate. Just paraphrase the quotation and state who said it. This will enhance the authenticity of the text, which is a big plus for your future mark.

Check the thesis and topic sentences

The last sentence of the introductory paragraph should be your main idea which you need to prove throughout the essay. Look if it fully describes what you have discussed in the paper and if necessary, make it longer. The same should be done with the topic sentences which are written at the beginning of each paragraph. Students sometimes forget about them, so don’t make this mistake which costs valuable amount of words. You may also read the conclusion carefully. It should answer the main question of the essay. To make the final paragraph longer, paraphrase the thesis statement, and this will make the essay look framed.

Watch videos on your topic

If you are out of ideas, and you are fed up with reading a huge amount of information, open YouTube and search relevant lectures, vlogs on your theme. You will be surprised which versatile topics can be found there. Listen to what people say, make notes, and include this in your paper. This may simply inspire you, and new ideas will spring up to your mind quickly.

It is a bit challenging to make the essay longer and improve quality simultaneously. But if you try using the mentioned above tips, you will give your creativity a good boost. After you have used the tricks about how to make your paper longer, check whether you haven’t exceeded the maximum word count.