High rate of turn over

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About the case:

The case is about a manufacturing firm that is undergoing high rate of turn over and wants to take step to bring it down. The counselor who is responsible for the task undertook a study which unveiled that employees of lower intelligence are likely to stay longer in the organization.

He has recommended taking intelligence tests of applicants and retaining only those who register low average scores. Employees with high and low scores would be told that they did not qualify for the desired position

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Ethical implications:

The recommended strategy will screen out applicants with higher and lower IQs and will retain only lower average applicants.  The applicants will not be told of the screening criteria. They will only be informed of the results. The screening criteria will be kept under wraps. This Is unwise and unethical and will give rise to a smoke of confusion amongst them. Their morale will suffer and for some of the more sensitive applicants their confidence will be shaken. Moreover, this may also lead to people raising questions and pointing fingers on the firm’s policies later.

Those who would join the firm, may find about it later on while working in the firm and may not take it kindly, and feel let down.

To avoid this, the company must clearly state in the application form that the acceptance or refusal of job in the form, does not quantify their intelligence to be little. Careful review tells us that the job is not suitable for them and they would be better of at another potential job. In this way the firm will be steered clear of all controversies. (Juan, 2007)

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