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Good Governance in Pakistan

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Good governance has got great importance in our state as the problems of corruption, red tapism and inefficiency crept in the internal structure of our country. Today good governance not only occupies central place in our state but also regarded as crucial element in building nation. Nation cannot flourish in the absence of good governance. It is the need of an hour. Without the presence of good governance, no country can play pivotal role in the orb. It is regarded as the soul of country.

Governance is very pertinent in every sphere of life, whether it is house or office, good governance is needed to perform effectively. It provides strong foundation for the developmental process. Governance is more than mere management. It is not only about decision making, policy formulating, priority settings but also implementation or results. Good governance has been defined as, “Good Governance related to effective management”. It is anchored on legitimacy and creditability. According to World Bank Report of 1989, A public service that is efficient, a judicial system that is reliable, and administration that is accountable to public”.

Similarly another report was presented by World Bank in 1992, According to this report; good governance includes public sector management, accountability, legal framework, information and transparency. Pakistan as an independent state got recognition on 14 august 1947. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the dynamic personality who came forward for the cause of Muslims. Muslims were deprived of their due rights. This mighty man had burnt the midnight oil and converted the dream of Allama Iqbal into reality. Praiseworthy performance of Quaid-e-azam laid the foundation of Pakistan.

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Unfortunately, Pakistan suffered badly in the early years of establishment. It faced millions of problems. These issues are summarized as follows; Political disturbance, No democratic setup, military intrusion, massive corruption, feudal dispensation, institutional clashes, constitutional crises, escalating inflation, mismanagement of resources, lack of accountability, no rule of law, deteriorating law and order condition, over exploitation of funds, secreterism, ethnic conflict, extremism and international conspiracies. All these issues are the main reason of failure of Governance in Pakistan.

These issues are so interconnected that it is very difficult to eliminate them. They are eating the roots of Pakistan. Now let’s have a cursory look on the details of the above mentioned causes which are spreading like cankerous inside Pakistan. Political commotion plays very negative role in every state. No country in this orb, can survive easily in political turmoil. Political instability is the root cause of all evils. Since Independence, Pakistan has been facing the threat of political hubbub. It created a big gap in the economic development and progress. It gives platform for several others problems.

The condition of Pakistan is not commendable. It faces bundles of threats because of political instability. Governement should play effective role to curb this menace. Several miscreants are taking benefits from this self created political instability. For the survival of their own existence, politicians are trapping in the nets of trouble makers. Good governance cannot establish in the presence of political commotion. Politicians have become power greedy. Lust for power has tightly closed the curtain of brain. They cannot have the potentials to comprehend the shrewdness of trouble makers.

They are habitual of perks, privileges and power. No democratic set is present in Pakistan. It further aggravated the deteriorating condition. It has created unstable environment around the whole country. No one is satisfied and happy since independence. Absence of democratic setup gives birth to multitudes of problems. This gigantic problem is creating turmoil. Constitutional catastrophe was the biggest problem of Pakistan. After independence Pakistan took long seven years to draft constitution. It also laid barriers in the path of governance. Constitution provides framework for policies.

Decisions have been taken in order to view constitutional boundaries. No decision has been taken outside the framework of constition. Violation of constitution is considered as crime. Violator would be granted severe punishment. Military intrusion is also considered disastrous for the democratic set up. It puts adverse impact on the decision making process. It negated the image of Pakistan. In the initial years of Pakistan establishment, corrupt politicians usurped the right of innocent people. This paved the way for military to rule the newly born state.

Constant four military rules devastated the democratic set up. Feudal dispensation in the early years of establishment created a big gap in the development process. Massive corruption had been viewed. Wealthy feudal class joined hand with politicians. They started eating the treasure of people. Corrupt bureaucrats were also engaged in cleaning the wealth of people. This is the reason of failure of governance in Pakistan. In the presence of institutional clashes, governance cannot establish its foothold. Recent clash between executive and judiciary has created disturbance around the whole country.

Negative image has portrayed around the whole orb. Good governance needs a pleasant environment to establish its foundation Mismanagement of resources is another mighty problem for good governance. Governemnet should formulate effective measures to solve this gigantic issue. Lack of accountability has been creating tension since independence. Improper usage of funds is increasing the rate of inflation. Pakistan is also under debt trap. It is all happening due to absence of accountability. Corruption can easily be removed with proper channel of accountability.

Check and balance is very essential for the maintenance of funds. Over exploitation of resources and funds is creating havoc. It gives birth to food insecurity and dissatisfaction among the masses. Deteriorating law and order condition of Pakistan are adding fuel to fire. It creates an environment of fear and insecurity. Sectarianism, extremism and ethnic rivalry all are against the norms of good governance. These curses should be removed from Pakistan. International conspiracies have become the norm of the day. Presences of Pakistan in these conspiracies have become the fashion.

It also put worse impact on good governance. Now let’s have a glance on the essentials of good governance. Good governance can easily flourish in the presence of followings; Public participation, national cohesion, national integration, constitutional supremacy, institutional supremacy, strong foundation, independent judiciary, free media ,socioeconomic development, and so on. Presence of public participation plays very effective role in the establishment of good governance. It revolves around decision making process. Public support and cooperation possesses great importance in good governance.

It paves the way for good governance. National cohesion and integration is very necessary for the establishment of good governance. When people joined hands together no power can defeat them. So in this regard national integration is very pertinent. Constitutional supremacy is very important in this regard. It provides framework for policy makers. On the same lines institutional supremacy is also very much important. This clash is erupted in the absence of mutual consensus. Negotiation is a better way to curb this clash. Socio economic development provides strong foundation to governance.

It includes the followings; controlled population, massive employment opportunities, proper education system, Effective rule of law, improved law and order condition, powerful system of accountability, removal of corruption and so on. Now let’s have look on the concept of good governance by Islam. Islam is the religion of peace and prosperity. For the sake of prosperity and peace, it gives the message of equality, justice, responsibility, proper check and balance and so on. Now the question arises here, what is the difference between good governance and bad governance? The answer clearly reflects the distinction.

Good governance totally revolves around legitimacy, responsibility, rule of law, and opens administrative system whereas bad governance indicates towards arbitrary policy making, no rule of law, irresponsibility, unjust legal system, restrained relation between ruler and ruled. Here another question arises, what are the impacts of good governance? It puts positive impacts on individual life, social life, political life, and economic life. It spreads the environment of peace and prosperity. Individual feels secure, when all his/her basic necessities of life would be fulfilled.

It removes the feeling of self deprivation and insecurity. When individuals feel secure, ultimately, whole society feels secure. Society is made up of groups and groups are formed from individuals. Groups formed nation. When nation is satisfied, it ultimately brings gratification around the whole country. All are interconnected and intertwinted. It ultimately brings satisfaction in political and economic spheres. Now let’s have cursory look on good governance and democracy. Both democracy and good governance are interconnected. According to Abraham Lincoln; democracy is for the people by the people and through the people.

Active participation of people have been required in the decision making process. Thus, good governance is regarded as the heart of every country. It brings management . It is essential for the process of functioning. It boosts the development process. It gives foam to socio economic foundation. It creates an environment of perfection. Necessities of people are fulfilled in an organized manner. According to Etounge Manguella, “Good Governance implies presence of rule of law, safeguard of human right, existence of honest government, accountability, transparency, predictability and openness”.

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