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Personal Story About Fear of Public Speaking

Nervously walking into the classroom, I glanced around. Today was just a mundane school day, nothing out of the ordinary. Classmates were milling around and chatting, their faces showing unconcern to today’s agenda. But to me, today’s main event was a very big problem. I …

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My Personal Experience of Public Speaking

Just imagine for a moment if you would. You Just finished a long hard week of work, and you are looking forward to the reward of going out for a night on the town. You go home get cleaned up, put on your sharpest outfit …

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The Important Elements I Learned from Communication 103, Public Speaking

Communication 103, Public Speaking, is my first communication class. It indicates what I’ve learned in this class will be my most based of public speaking skill, and it will also help my speaking in future. The most influence concepts thorough all assignment in the class …

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An Analysis of the Differences in Public Speaking Based on Gender

To answer the first question, the topic being discussed under report talk done by men versus rapport talk done by women is simply the distinction between the purpose of conversation by the respective genders. According to the author, women talk for purposes of establishing a …

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Advantages of Taking a Public Speaking Class

Have you ever thought of taking a public speaking class in school? If you haven?t I highly suggest that you do because it will increase your ability to communicate with other human beings and just make it easier. Today, I will be talking about a …

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John Wolff’s and Dr. Matt Sanderson’s Styles of Public Speaking

I attended the panel presentation on Thursday, March 10, before the Breaking the Code play, with input from Mike Nagle, John Wolff, and Dr. Matt Sanderson. Each speaker had a distinct way of presenting their main ideas, and each speaker had valuable input on the …

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The Fear of Public Speaking

Interpersonal Communication and Communication Apprehension One of the major fears that people have is the fear of communication. The fear of speaking is a real issue that everyone needs to recognize. It does exist and will continue to exist without the proper education against it. …

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The Personal Benefits That Come With Taking a Public Speaking Course

There are five personal benefits that come with taking a public speaking course. The first skill is, “learning how to speak to an audience” (Gregory). This skill is applicable when dealing with large and unfamiliar crowds. Another benefit is that “you learn skills that apply …

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Why Public Speaking Gives Me Anviety

I stand in front of the class, knees locked, and palms sweating. My eyes gazing around the room, blank faces staring back at me. The room is silent. As I am about to speak, my mind goes blank. My thoughts form into a cluster of …

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Why I Need the Art of Public Speaking

Personally, I really adore the art of public speaking because it has played a crucial role in shaping the type of person I am right now. I can freely and with confidence present speeches in front of people, a matter I could not handle before …

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