Essays on Eva Smith

Essays on Eva Smith

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Eva Smith Analysis Essay Example

The inspector just left and we are discussing about what had happened and revealed. Soon after, we found out that there wasn’t a girl named Eva Smith that died from drinking disinfectant and there was no inspector that was named Inspector Goole. My head turned …

An Inspector CallsEva Smith
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Who do you Think is to Blame for the Death of Eva Smith

Eva died two hours before the inspector came. She died because she drank a lot of “strong disinfectant” which burnt her “inside out”. Inspector Goole goes to the Birling’s house to confront each one of them and place responsibility on them. Though the inspector does …

DeathEva SmithOutsourcing
Words 88
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Played by: Sophie Rundle

Movie: An Inspector Calls


How does Priestley present Eva Smith in An Inspector Calls essay?
J.B. Priestley employs the characters and attitudes that the Birlings, particularly Mr. Birling, use in "An Inspector Calls", to make Eva Smith more sympathetic. ... He almost immediately announces Eva Smith's death in the Infirmary after she took a "strong disinfectant" and "burnt her in the inside".
What is the importance of Eva Smith in An Inspector Calls essay?
Eva Smith is in my opinion the most important character in An Inspector Calls. Priestley uses Eva Smith to show us how capitalists treat others, how they don't care and how they believe they can control the lower working classes.
How would you describe Eva Smith?
Eva Smith's determination to organize a strike in order to get higher wages shows her strength. This shows that she can stand up to hard-headed businessmen like Mr Birling. Birling: "She'd been working at one of our machine shop for more than a years. Great worker.
What type of character is Eva Smith?
Priestley portrays Eva, the victim of the capitalist attitudes held in upper classes. It is important you understand why Priestley depicts Eva as a victim in this play. Eva is a workingclass woman and is suffering because of it.

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