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Atlantic Slave Trade

The Atlantic trade, popularly known as the triangular or transatlantic trade, began in the 15th century. It became more popular when a peculiar but well paying commodity replaced gold. (more…)

Atlantic Slave TradeSlaveryTaxTrade
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Air Pollution in Kuwait

Air pollution is one of the problems facing the international communities. Air pollution is known to have devastating effects on the environment. Kuwait has a long history of air pollution since the era of the Gulf War.  During the Gulf War, more than 600 oil …

Air PollutionChemistryFireNaturePetroleumPollution
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Running Head: British Airways – A Marketing Plan

British Airways is one airline that has gone through both bright and turbulent times since its founding in 1974.[i]  After thirteen years of government control, British Airways went into privatization in 1987.[ii]  The airline is the surviving entity after merger and consolidations made with British …

AirwaysBritish AirwaysMarketing Plan
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Acquiring a jewelry company

Nowadays, the trend in companies establishing strategic alliances has become more apparent as compared to the trend in 1980s and 1990s. (more…)

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A comparison of American and Japanese Animation

The origin of the modern day term ‘Animation’ derives from the Latin word  ‘Animatus’, meaning simply ‘ to give life’ yet perhaps the earliest known form of animation, the phenakistoscope, derives it name not from Latin but from a Greek term meaning “deceiving viewer”. (more…)

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In Intermediate Accounting

The well-known apparel brand Gap is owned by The Gap Inc., originally incorporated in California on July of 1969, and reincorporated in Delaware on May 1988.  Its stocks are traded in the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker name GPS. (more…)

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Accounting & business performance

The current business environment is characterized by a high level of competitiveness and business organizations have to go through a constant process of change in order to develop and maintain a competitive edge that will allow them to maximize their profits. (more…)

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AB Thorsten Case Study Analysis

In my view, manufacture of XL-4 in Sweden is a well laid out plan and Mr. Ekstrom and his team has done good research and analysis of the project. However, I would not authorize the investment. To start with, the investment in Sweden will cost …

BankCase StudyInvestmentSalesTax
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Hybrid System for Automobiles

As you will well appreciate, the issue of hybrid automobile systems has gained increased prominence in the recent past. This is as a result of the drawbacks associated with the conventional automobile systems currently in use and the potential benefits that hybrid systems can offer. …

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Sex deformities at birth or at any other time

Sometimes, a boy may be born with small pennies (micropenis) or they may have the penis missing at all. My people have continuously referred to the sex organ to determine the sex of the child and therefore boy without penies may mistakably be taken as …

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Buying of Private Brands and Manufacture of Brands

Johanson and Burt article provides an analysis on recent decades’ trend of private labeled brands in European retail outlets—the trend is also gaining pace in North America. (more…)

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Moving Beyond Fit: Brand Reliability

DelVecchio’s article deals with the effects of brand extensions on company sales, especially with regard to the affected brands. Brand extension is hereby taken to mean how companies offer completely new products under the existing brand names. The target market could be the existing customer …

BrandCoca ColaSales
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Anti-Globalization different

“Globalization” means different things to many people.  Some think of it positively, while others don’t.  Some view it with hope and confidence, others with fear, sometimes with hostility. (more…)

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American Business History for Motor Vehicle Assembler

Contained in this essay is a business history for one of the first motor vehicle assemblers in the United States. Several aspects of the company and the entire industry would be discussed herein. (more…)

American HistoryBusinessHistory
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Environmental Impacts of Airport Operations

Lutehr’s article focuses on the importance of understanding the environmental impacts of airport operations at both local and international level. (more…)

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Running Head: Airline Industry

Globalisation of world economies is forcing countries and companies alike to improve their competitiveness in the global market. This being the case, the American airlines industry is set for a shake-up given that thee sector is heavily shielded from external competition by the American government …

Airline IndustryAirlinesCompetition
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Affording EU Homes

The ever rising housing demand in Europe, and indeed all over the world is forcing countries to develop measures ensuring that all people across income lines get decent accommodation. (more…)

DecentralizationHuman RightsItalyJustice
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SAS 99 Memo for Google

Contained herein is the SAS 99 for Google (GOOG). Several measures of internal fraud in the company will be discussed in subsequent sections of this memo. Fist will be a comparison of income information with that of competition, especially Yahoo and Microsoft. (more…)

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A Product That Is Free of Controversy

The portable oxygen cylinders are filled with liquefied oxygen. Mostly used for medical purposes or in areas with scarce or no oxygen like underwater or at high levels above the ground i.e. aerospace. (more…)

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Social Trials in Howell’s A Hazard of New Fortunes

William Dean Howell’s book A Hazard of New Fortunes draws on the context of social injustice awareness, providing a glimpse of the society and the struggles among social classes from a seemingly realist’s perspective. What the book generally does is to portray the actuality of …

CapitalismInsuranceSocial Justice
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Alcohol and Drug Dependence problems in Saudi Arabia

In changing Saudi society alcohol and drug usage has been on the rise, even though it is not publicly accepted. The present Saudi healthcare system is two decades old and is unable to cop with the problems arising due to alcohol and drug dependence. (more…)

AlcoholAlcoholismDiseaseOpiumSaudi ArabiaWine
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