Apple: Business Details, Marketing Strategies And Analysis

Company information:

Company name     Apple
Sector                      Computer hardware
IPO date                  Friday, 12.12.1980
Location                  Cupertino, California, US

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Fundamentals and financials:

Market cup                         $825.8 billion
Revenue                              $223.5 billion
Employees                          116000
Revenue/employee           $1.927 million
Net income                        $46.65 billion
Shares outstanding          5.165 billion
Annual earnings/share     $8.86
P/E ratio                               18.05
Company management: Timothy D. Cook (Director and Chief Executive Officer)

Apple Inc.

No introductions need to be made; Apple is a world-renowned electronics brand founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Robert Wayne back in 1976. Since then it has blossomed into one of the most recognizable suppliers of trendy electronic equipment and software as a service.

Product lineup includes iPhones, iPads, watches and Mac laptops. On top of that, there are software solutions which are maintained and operate in conjunction with the products as mentioned earlier: operating systems (iOS and macOS, watchOS, tvOS) and services (iTunes, iCloud, etc.).
Electronics by this company are known to be quite pricey, but if any brand is worth the price of admission, it’s Apple.

More historical facts and general information can be found in the following materials.

Financial Data

The most recent financial statement reported net sales worth $215.639 billion with net income of $45.687 billion. Both are a decrease from the performance shown in the prior year (2015).

Total assets were estimated to be $321.686 billion.
Total liabilities – $193.437 billion.
Cash dividends declared per share – $2.18.
Current liabilities – $79.006 billion, total liabilities – $193.437 billion.
Total equity – $128.249 billion.
Operating income – $60.024 billion
Expenses on R&D – $10.45 billion.

iPhone X – Introducing Face ID (source – YouTube)

This is just a small slice of the valuable data provided by the company. There’s more to be discovered here, so dive right in and find out what’s in store.


Apple is secretive when it comes to letting people know about the future lineup; the company notoriously reveals very little information about its product pipeline, but it’s been actively churning out improvements (or as one might say sidegrades) of their best-selling products.
Annual revisions of iPhones have become a staple of Apple’s product mix.

Even though questionable choices (like the recent omission of a headphone jack in the new generation of iPhones) may sometimes be met with opposition, these changes are known for setting trends and giving birth to copycats.

Structure ; Operations

In total, 116,000 employees work at Apple. Its structure can be defined with a simple term – linear, and the company’s projects are managed by engineers. As in, only the people who are technically savvy and know how gadgets need to function are in charge, which makes the subsequent product development a far more easier task.
There are two central corporate culture attributes the company defines: performance and innovation. The latter is, curiously, the most important out of the two.


The company aims to provide the best computer technologies to students, teachers, people with artistic inclinations
A company with such a storied history has an extensive amount of insight to share. If you’re interested in any way to research
If you’re unclear on how to proceed with the studying of this brand, here are a few materials that you will surely help you get on the right track.

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