Essays on Biff Loman

Essays on Biff Loman

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Biff Loman’s Role in Death of a Salesman

Biff Loman may not be the “Salesman” in Arthur Miller’s masterpiece, The Death of a Salesman, but he is the main character of the play. The character known as Biff Loman is at the root of his immediate family’s internal dilemmas and inner conflicts. Biff’s …

Biff LomanDeath of a Salesman
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Biff Loman

Biff Loman displays only a small measure of his youthful confidence, enthusiasm, and affection. More often, he appears troubled, frustrated, and sad. The name ‘Biff’ gives an appearance of a tough man, but in the play ‘Death of a Salesman’, Biff is a flawed character …

Biff Loman
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Biff Loman is Willy Loman's elder son, and seems to be the only character working towards any actual self development in the whole play. Biff is thirty four years old, and is unsettled and dissatisfied with his life. As a teenager, Biff seems to be the apple of Willy's eye.

Movie: Death of a Salesman


Biff represents Willy's vulnerable, poetic, tragic side. He cannot ignore his instincts, which tell him to abandon Willy's paralyzing dreams and move out West to work with his hands. He ultimately fails to reconcile his life with Willy's expectations of him.


Biff Loman is 34 years old and the oldest of Willy Loman's two sons.


Biff Loman was born in 1915 in the city of New York to Willy and Linda Loman. His younger brother Happy , was born in 1917. Biff always found favor in his father's eyes.


Willy. Willy acts as the antagonist both to himself and Biff. His misguided values about success and twisted version of the American Dream coupled with his pride and knack for self-deception lead Willy to pursue the wrong life path. Played by
  • John Malkovich - Death of a Salesman
  • George Segal - Death of a Salesman
  • Kevin McCarthy - Death of a Salesman
  • Ron Eldard - Death of a Salesman
  • Tony Bill - Death of a Salesman


What kind of person is Biff Loman?
Biff, unlike his dad and brother, is self-aware. Willy is in a shouting match with Biff. He says that his dad taught him arrogance and that he doesn't like taking orders from bosses. Finally, there was the moment of truth.
What is Biff's character flaw?
Biff's fatal flaw, Death of a Saleman, is his inability or unwillingness to pursue a traditional career. Biff cannot build a life for him using normal methods. That isn't the type of person Biff is and that's totally acceptable.
How does Biff measure success?
Biff Loman confides in Happy, his younger brother to explain why he returned home for a short visit. Biff explains that he has retained at least some father's principles: measure success by money, and work towards a better future.
What was Biff Loman's dream?
Biff dreams of owning a ranch on the West Coast and a farm. He doesn’t want follow the footsteps of his father who wanted to be a salesman and make a lot. Biff approaches Mr. Oliver, his ex-employer, to obtain a loan so he can pursue his dream.

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