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Firing an Employee

Week One Assignment Terrence Rice In any situation when it comes to a supervision position it takes face to face communication with the employee. From previous experience I have done all the things described in the assignment. There was an employee named David I had to terminate because of cutbacks in the company.

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Here is how I handled that situation; David can you come to my office please? When he arrived I told him, you remember in the staff meeting we discussed how many jobs were going to be cut from the company and it would go by hire date.

So your number came up during the time frame so due to company policy I have to give you your pink slip take it to the unemployment office and you can get your unemployment. I also remember when the economy was in good shape and I welcomed David to the company. Jennifer the main secretary presented him to me and I said, Welcome to R & R transportation, my name is Terrence Rice and I am your supervisor.

David paused as I held my hand out as we shook hands I told him what he was responsible for and how we did things. I personally trained him and released him to be on his own. When they told us the company was selling out to another company I wrote due to the process the company is going through and my disagreement with the process I must submit my two week notice and advise the owners of my resignation effective Oct. 12th, 2002.