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Employee right case study bea Essay

The Pledge of Loyalty is portion of the baptismal of fire when you enter an organisation. When you become portion of a group.

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Employee right case study bea Essay

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. merely leave. And this will play a important function in the treatment of this instance survey.

On the first inquiry of Allen Lopez retaining his occupation. while the First Amendment states that Lopez’ aerating of grudge is protected under the Freedom of Expression. he is. nevertheless. in struggle with the offense of calumny and for non detecting employment limitations and trueness curses. So while he is allowed to utilize whatever medium to province his feelings and thoughts. the jurisprudence allows his company to fire him for he endangers the security of his company’s work force.

On the 2nd inquiry on whether Lopez be forced to take his web site. the company may make one of two things. First. the company may petition for Temporary Restraining Order that will be issued by the tribunal which will so order Lopez to stop dead the web site or to convey it down temporarily before the tribunal decides on whether seting up the web site did go against company Torahs as stated in the trueness pledge. Second is to action Lopez for amendss and include in their gesture that he convey down the web site to control farther onslaughts on the company’s image.
Last. on how ExtremeNet’s executives will esteem Lopez’s rights and self-respect. it is best for ExtremeNet to merely inquire the tribunal to convey the website down particularly if it did non present any important negative effects in the traffics of the company. Allen Lopez has been a good employee and was merely contending for the public assistance of the lower ranking employees. But still. it is in the discretion of ExtremeNet to either fire or retain Allen Lopez in the company.

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