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Family and Partnership Model

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EYMP 1 3. 1) We must work together (with parents, agencies) for the wellbeing and the progress of a child. Partnership model works around the theory of collaboration, understanding and communication. It helps to recognise how the best results can happen when the child’s in care and that is why we all must work together. The partnership model looks like: As worker with the children, we must know everything about the child; we have to seek and share information to parents and others who are concern.

In my setting, we encourage partnership by: welcome parent to join and participate in the setting, we ask the parents to contribute with ideas, comments and suggestions for the best outcome in the setting, parents can visit the centre at any time they want and can ask what they want to ask and we should be in the measure to help them. 3. 2) There are many barriers to participation for carers who are: Language issue: there are some families that English is not their first language so sometime parents are really shy to talk with people (they are not confident enough) and this increase the communication with carers and practitioners.

Time issue: some times, parents don’t have enough time to be with their children and some time when they do have time they want to hang around with them not talk about them and we need to be really careful in this situation because parents may feel guilty for not having much time with their children so we have to be careful of what we are saying to them.

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Family and Partnership Model

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Confident issue: some parent or carer can find it hard to be active in their children care and education because they are not confident and this because of previous experience of education or something else so we have to make sure that our contact with the parent is a positive one and that our communication skills are excellent.

Phone calls issue: most parents find it easy to discuss a matter of their child over the phone but I think that it is better if parent can discuss the matter face to face with the practitioner. Disability issue: some parent or carer has a disability issue and this can be overcome will depend on the parent or carer individual need for example: a person with sight problem may access information about their child using voice message or large print. A person with earing problem may access the information by reading.

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