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This DVLA web page is very unique because it shows the information that the public needs to start driving. It shows 'vehicle first registration fee' as its title and not detailed but describe what you have to do regarding this registration. This web page is not detailed but describes certain parts of the first registration programme and l think this page should be more in detail so that the public have an open eye regarding purchasing a car or wants information about certain things. This web page is not much as people would expect from the DVLA firm but l believe more information should be applied in the firm. Although there is information on this web page, there isn't enough information on this page for the public to learn about the firm or the license.

The improvements which l believe should be done on this page should be in more detailed and in description so that the public who are surfing this page can understand certain aspects of the page. There should be more information applied on the pages so that the public has detailed description of the information. There should also be detailed paragraphs so that certain members could have information, which they need. I believe that if they (DVLA) continue to present information in the same way that they have, no would attempt to log in this web page because it doesn't present sufficient information for the audience to look and act upon. So l think this point should be taken into consideration and acted upon so the audience can get what they want.

Accuracy and Readability The accuracy of the words applied on the web page is very important because if the words weren't according to normal, then no one would attempt to read this web page. If the web page is full of mistakes and rubbish, then no would even the title never mind the text. So they have to be careful in the way they construct their words on the web. The accuracy of this web page is I think well in the in the fact that I don't see any mistakes in this short passage although there could be more detail description provided. After reading it a few times, I don't believe there are any mistakes in the passage. Although new audience might be confused on the words mentioned because they seem different and difficult to understand. At first when I looked at it, I seemed confused because there are words, which might be difficult to understand, but not any more.

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I think that the page is clear to read. There aren't any pictures, which will divert your concentration from the passage to the picture of the car. Pictures of certain objects can change your concentration to something else. These pages are readable and are clear without problems. The improvements which I believe should be applied on this web page are that the language should be checked every carefully so that their isn't any mistakes are applied on the web page. It is clear to read and understandably active to any member of the public.

How Organizations gather and present information. I believe that the organization (DVLA) present information by researching. What I mean is that the DVLA research very carefully so that they can pick out the weak points and present the information to the bosses. Or there is the possibility that they survey certain number of the public and ask about their points about their evaluation of the DVLA forms or there web page. I believe that this information is presented to the bosses in a meeting where they discuss the issues regarding the survey. In relation to the web page I think that the organisation research on the people who have recently passed there driving licence and ask them questions regarding whether they visited there web page and what information they found and whether it helped or not with the course.

This information is vital because this will tell the organization whether the web page is still in use or whether it is working with the public or the money which is bring spend is good enough or not. If the organization will out about the answers when the answers are presented to the board. The improvements, which I believe should be one, are that6 the information should be made easier. When I visited the web page I didn't find any information, which helped me in any way. I think that DVLA web page is not

To the standard, which I thought it would be. I thought that the web page would help me in this course but I didn't find any information, which helped me. I think the improvements should be that the web page should be in more detail so that the public has enough information so that they don't have to turn to another organization for help, I think this information should be taken into consideration so that they can continue to present information but in a detailed way so that the public has a enough information for assistant.


Special Features on this web page, their aren't any special features on it this page. I thought that there might be some special features but there are nothing expect a vehicle picture in the right hand corner. The paragraph formats, which are applied on this page, are very short. The paragraphs on this page are very short (two lines in each paragraph) which is very stranger because this is a detailed web page but a brief outing.

The only item, which is positioned, is that of a vehicle in the right hand corner. I believe that this web page would be covered not all but most of the page with pictures of cars but there is only one picture of a vehicle, which isn't impressing. Special Features There isn't any use of borders around the page. I was not surprised when I saw this without borders. I believe that there should be borders around the page so that the page stands out.

From reading this web page, there is no sound coming from it, what I mean is that when you read something, there intent is to focus on the sound or any important issue which they bring, but this web page isn't like those, there is no sound coming from this web page. The background colour is black and white because that's the way it came out, although there wouldn't be any colour applied in the first place. It was without colour except the car, which was applied, with colour.

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