History Essay Topics and Ideas

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History is the study of human events and experiences in the past. It is about how people lived, what they believed in, what they did, and how they thought. Historical research can be done to learn about specific topics or as a general overview of history. The focus is usually on one particular time period or place.

History is not just about wars, battles and politicians. It is also about ordinary people who lead ordinary lives. History helps us understand where we came from so that we can better understand our present day world and prepare for our future.

How to Сhoose Essay Topic on History?

History is the study of the past. It can be a very interesting subject and it is always good to know what happened in the past. There are many types of history. There is world history, national history and local history.

There are some steps that you can take when choosing an essay topic on history:

  1. Know what time period you will be looking at. This includes knowing about events that happened during that time period and finding out about people who lived during this time period.
  2. Choose an event or person that interests you. If you choose someone or something that interests you then it will be easier for you to write about it because there will be more information available about this person or thing than if it did not interest you as much as something else would have done instead.
  3. Use research materials such as books and magazines in order to find out more about your chosen topic so it becomes easier for you to write about it later on down the road when needed!

Argumentative Essay Topics on History

  1. The History of the World
  2. 7 Important Moments in History (A US Tragedy)
  3. History should be taught as a living and breathing subject because history can change lives.
  4. The Significance of The Crucible in World War 2
  5. The American Dream Argument
  6. Civil War Propaganda
  7. Definition of War
  8. Hitler was not the Monster History Makes Him Out to Be
  9. Columbus Day Should Not Be Celebrated
  10. Ancient Greek Civilization: Philosophic Values of the Greeks
  11. The History Of Animal Testing
  12. We Are Witnesses To History. What Will It Tell Of Us?
  13. Roman Empire: The Rise and Fall of Caesar’s Empire
  14. Women in Africa And The U.S.: A Comparison
  15. The Greatest Freedom Fighter in History: Mohandas Gandhi
  16. Debunking the Myth of Celtic Food
  17. Students Should Not Be Allowed to Use Mobile Phones in Schools
  18. Why Waterloo Didn’t End the War
  19. A Historian is Bound to Write a Philosophical Essay
  20. History is an Important Field of Study for Future Professionals
  21. The History of Gay Marriage
  22. George Washington the First President of the United States of American.
  23. Beatlemania and the History of Band Worship
  24. The Revolutionary History of the Kawaii Movement
  25. The Invention of Television
  26. Slavery was Emancipated by the 13th Amendment
  27. The Expulsion of Muslims from Spain was a Step in the Right Direction
  28. Bill Gates was a hard working man who did not let his hard work go to waste by starting and
  29. What Has Kept Wars from Starting in the Past?

Interesting Essay Topics on History

  1. Best Historical Figures That Changed The World!
  2. 5 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egypt
  3. 5 Surprising Facts About the History of Marriage
  4. 6 Science Practices from the Civil War
  5. 12 Ways World War 2 Made The Modern Era Possible
  6. How Plato and Aristotle Changed the World
  7. The First Summer Olympic Games
  8. Guru Nanak’s Message of Peace and Equality
  9. 10 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt
  10. 10 Most Interesting Facts About Leonardo Da Vinci
  11. World War II: The War To End All Wars
  12. Top 10 Most Awesome Ancient Wonders of the World
  13. The Market Revolution and the Industrial Revolution
  14. Character Analysis of Abraham Lincoln in the first half of the movie
  15. Why A Courtesan Service Is the Best Valentine’s Gift Idea
  16. 5 Reasons Why Women Have Always Needed Feminism
  17. Why Did Battleships Become Obsolete
  18. Why We Should Stop Telling Women to Smile
  19. Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in History
  20. 10 Fascinating Facts About the Invention of the Pencil
  21. Top 10 Interesting Facts About The Mongolian Empire
  22. 4 Crushing Events in History That Most People Have Forgotten About
  23. 10 Interesting Things about the Aztecs
  24. The History of Our Beloved Pets
  25. 15 Interesting Facts about Hitler You Probably Didn’t Know
  26. 8 Must-Know Facts About Slaves in America
  27. When Were Books First Invented?
  28. Gunpowder Explained
  29. Lincoln & The Ascent to the Presidency

Informative Essay Topics on History

  1. 10 Interesting Facts About the Middle Ages
  2. Discuss the Impact of European Exploration in Africa on Indigenous Peoples
  3. The Napoleonic Impact on Modern War & Its Strategy
  4. Eastern Europe in the 30s and 40s: The Birth of Modern Fascism
  5. Top 15 Inventions Introduced During The Edison Era
  6. Effects of Westernization on Eastern Countries
  7. Surprising Facts About Thanksgiving (Vol. 3)
  8. 5 Historic Facts About the Roman Baths and Goblet Pagans
  9. The Five Worst Royal Mistresses in History
  10. What Happened on December 7, 1941?
  11. The History of Coffee On The Other Hand
  12. 5 Important Contributions of Women to Modern History
  13. Top 5 People who Changed the World
  14. The Significance of Turkeys in Thanksgiving
  15. Top 10 Ways to Disarm a Nuclear Missile
  16. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Queen Elizabeth I
  17. 12 Things You May Not Know About Cotton Mather
  18. 10 Most Significant Events in American History
  19. In the History of Ancient Rome
  20. The causes and importance of the second world war
  21. 10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Israel
  22. 10 Interesting Facts About The Gallipoli Campaign
  23. Famous Battles of the American Revolution
  24. The American Revolution.
  25. 5 Interesting Facts About the Ancient Greeks
  26. What elements had the most to do with the American Revolution?
  27. Ancient Egyptians

History Essay Questions

  1. The American Revolution – Colonialism
  2. Make a comment and have it published on the Internet!
  3. Who was Queen Elizabeth I of England?
  4. Mountain Battles
  5. The Imperfect Education of Booker T Washington
  6. Thesis Statement:
  7. The Argument That History is Written By the Winners
  8. How did the Civil War effect the general population of North Carolina?
  9. George Washington : The Civil War
  10. Cold War – Why It Happened And How It Ended
  11. What were the ‘Terror Tuesdays’?
  12. Did the Holocaust change the attitudes of different people?
  13. Who do you feel is responsible for the failure of the Articles of Confederation?
  14. Why George Washington Should Be Re-Elected to a Third Term

Special Tips for Writing History Essay

  1. Start with a thesis statement. Most history essays are written to prove a point or argue a theory, so it’s important to start by clearly stating what that point or theory is.
  2. Use lots of examples from the past to support your argument or theory. When writing about historical events or people, you need to use specific examples that support your argument.
  3. Use evidence from primary sources whenever possible. Primary sources are sources that were created during the time period being discussed in your essay, such as letters or diaries written by people who were present at the event being discussed in your essay. Secondary sources are sources that were created after the time period being discussed in your essay; these include biographies and histories written about people or events from long ago. The best way to write a history essay is to use primary sources whenever possible because they are more likely to be accurate than secondary sources which may have been written by someone who was not actually present during the event being discussed in their book or article about it!

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