Biography Essay Topics and Ideas

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A biography essay is a form of writing that tells the story of someone’s life. It is usually written in the first person and from the perspective of the subject, who is usually deceased. A biography essay can be about anyone, from a famous historical figure to a relative or friend.

The purpose of a biography essay is to tell the reader about someone’s life and accomplishments, as well as their personal struggles and failures. The writer should also provide an analysis of what made this person special or interesting, and why they should be remembered by others beyond their death.

A biography essay should be written in chronological order with brief summaries of each year covered in the narrative. The writer should also include details about events that shaped their subject’s personality or changed their direction in life (such as marriage). A strong conclusion should summarize all these points into something meaningful for readers who may not have been familiar with this person before reading this paper.

How to Сhoose Essay Topic on Biography?

Choosing the right essay topic on biography can be tricky. You want to pick something that’s interesting and relevant, but also easy for you to write about. Here are some tips for choosing a topic that’s just right:

  • Think about what you already know about the person. What do you find most compelling? What do you find most surprising? What questions do you have about them? These are all great places to start when searching for an interesting topic.
  • Try to pick a person whose life has been covered in multiple books or articles. If there’s more than one source on the person, it will make your research easier!
  • Figure out if there are any gaps in the information available—perhaps they don’t have as much written about them as they deserve, or maybe there’s something new that has recently been uncovered by historians and biographers looking into their life story further? You may be able to fill in those gaps with your own research!

Argumentative Essay Topics on Biography

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  14. 10 Interesting Adolf Hitler Facts You Might Not Know
  15. Life of Donald Trump
  16. Abraham Lincoln: The Man Behind The Myth
  17. For the Love of Mother
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  19. Argumentative Essay Topics on Biography:Covering Cover Up
  20. How to write a good biography essay
  21. Why Do People Write Biographies
  22. Childhood Obesity Essay Topic
  23. The Birth of Peace and War in Muhammad Ali’s Life
  24. Why JFK Is America’s Most Memorable President
  25. Benefit or Harm?
  26. Dennis Rodman – A Gift to the World

Interesting Essay Topics on Biography

  1. Obama Biography – Early Life, Education and Achievements
  2. A Biography of Steve Jobs
  3. The Interesting and Valuable Life of Marie Curie
  4. 10 Interesting Facts: Muhammad Ali
  5. Famous Novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald
  6. Top 5 Most Interesting Facts About Joan of Arc
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  8. A Boy Named Bill Gates: 10 Life Facts
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  12. 100 Best Biography Books To Inspire You
  13. The Most Unusual Biography of All Time
  14. What Makes a Great Biography?
  15. 10 Fascinating Facts about the Life of Michael Jordan
  16. The Most Interesting Thing about Winston Churchill was his Ego
  17. Feeling (Un)Lucky? 3 Famous People Who Said the Same!
  18. Blazing Saddles – The Secret Behind This So Called ‘Cult Classic’
  19. 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sandra Bullock
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  24. 6 Interesting Facts about Princess Diana
  25. Wearable Tech article on Technology
  26. Biography of Prince Harry
  27. 11 Interesting Facts about Bill Gates
  28. 15 Fascinating Facts About Albert Einstein That You Probably Did Not Know
  29. James Dean, Bright and Shiny Prototypical Rebel Without a Cause

Informative Essay Topics on Biography

  1. Best American Biography Books to Read
  2. Albert Einstein Biography Essay Example
  3. The Life and Works of Francis Bacon – Biography
  4. The 18th-Century Composer – Mozart’s Life
  5. John F Kennedy Biography
  6. 10 Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln
  7. John F. Kennedy’s Life and Legacy
  8. Mary Tyler Moore Biography
  9. 3 Important Facts to Remember When Writing a Biography Essay
  10. 10 Most Infamous People in History
  11. A Few Firsts in Biography of Winston Churchill
  12. Using Prayer as a Tool: Understanding The Benefits Of Praying
  13. Top 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Microsoft
  14. The Life of the Candy King
  15. How Did Abraham Lincoln Change America?
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  20. The Importance of Biographies in Education
  21. Top 10 Most Inspiring People of All Time
  22. Mahatma Gandhi Biography and Facts
  23. Writing about people’s life does not have to be complicated

Biography Essay Questions

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  10. What inspired you to write this book?
  11. What is the significance of your topic?
  12. Can I get reminders of my homework questions via email or text?
  13. The George Washington University Follow
  14. Me and Myself
  15. Betsy Ross The Miracle Maker
  16. Wilma Rudolph and Jim Elliot: Inspirational Athletes With An Iron Will
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  27. Thanks for being a friend essay thanksgiving
  28. What Made John Fleming An Interesting Man?

Special Tips for Writing Biography Essay

A biography essay is a type of writing assignment that asks you to write about the life of another person. It’s also known as a “life story,” in which you describe how your subject dealt with various events, challenges, and triumphs throughout their life.

When writing a biography essay, there are certain things you need to keep in mind:

  • You should be objective when describing the subject’s life story. You can’t include any of your own personal opinions about them or their actions—you just need to write down what happened during their lives.
  • Don’t try to make them seem perfect or infallible; that won’t help anyone learn from their experiences. Instead, focus on any lessons they may have learned from their mistakes or failures and how they could have handled those situations differently.
  • Remember that it’s okay if this person has made some mistakes along the way—we all do! It’s what we learn from those mistakes that matters most, so don’t shy away from sharing those details with your readers either!

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