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Economic Value of Lettuce

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Economic Value of Lettuce California lettuce is grown all around California. In the winter lettuce comes from down south at Imperial Valley and parts of Arizona and Mexico. A good amount of lettuce comes from the northern part of California. Places such as San Francisco only distribute their lettuce along the northern coastlines. All of southern Californians lettuce comes from Santa Barbara and San Luis Obis. However the largest distribution of lettuce comes from Salinas. It is no doubt that the amount of lettuce produced and distributed has exceeded the amount it did about 10 years ago.

This could be for many reasons though such as the demand for more food or the growth in population. In the sass's the U. S. Produced about 1. 5 million pounds of lettuce alone. Over 10 years later the U. S. Is producing double that amount at an amazing 3. 8 million pounds. The economic value of lettuce in California has also grown a lot during the years. From between the sass's to the sass's California only produced enough lettuce to make about from However, now since the population growth California is making well over 1,000,000 a year off of lettuce alone.

The Monterey County is where the arrest amount of vegetables and lettuce exports come from. Productivity on agriculture is very advanced over there. The average agriculture output per employee in that county is $183,331 compared to the U. S. 's $43,177 Along with the growth and production of lettuce also came the growth of exports on it. In the sass's the U. S. Sold around 250,000 pounds worth of lettuce making over 1. 3 million dollars. Now a days though close to 500,000 pounds are sold, helping the U. S. Make about 3. 5 million dollars. Majority of the U. S. Exports on lettuce go to Chile, Spain and Peru. By covariance

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